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Why You Need a WHM License

Posted by Jeff on 03 05 2016.

A cPanel WHM system manages every aspect of your web hosting and building needs. The WHM is the control panel for the administering server, allowing web builders to create and manage cPanels, as well as set certain guidelines that apply to all accounts created through cPanel or the server. Given the capabilities that a WHM License allows users to have, their freedom includes being able to make executive decisions to customize their websites to their liking. A successful business starts with an interactive, fast, and efficient website for their existing and future clients. The two systems combine, and cPanel enables access to control and monitor the website naturally, while the WHM interface allows you to control and monitor your server from an easy to use web interface.

Simple and Intuitive09

WHM is a support system that takes away the extraneous administration tasks that no web builder has the time for. There is no extra time used for installation, server monitoring, and transfers or backups. Installation is instant and free of charge. The system does not require previous training as it is prepared for web builders to use at first encounter. Our competitive pricing of the WHM License gives you the flexibility of choosing between different kinds of licenses to see which would be best for your website. The choice between licenses is narrowed down to three main types;VPS License, Dedicated License, and Add-on Licenses.  Our monthly plans will motivate you to put time into your website, its appearance, and its functionality. To make your site dynamic, engaging, and as functional as possible, use a variety of compatible third party tools. This helps to enhance sites like ecommerce, blogs, guest books, and bulletin boards, among other valued website styles.

 Developer Friendly

We aim to make our services as developer-friendly as possible by offering free support from BuycPanel when any Developerquestions or feedback comes our way. Enjoy the luxury of being able to contact our team at any time of day, or into the later hours of the night, as we are open 24/7/365! Users will find our high data storage using PostgreSQL and MySQL on the account with the ability to perform functions that limit the access of other users and have large storage space for important business related data. Your data is always safe with us, and with the WHM license’s long list of features, you can ensure your clients will enjoy a highly satisfactory experience and ensure they become returning customers.


What does reliability mean in your books? To us it means a secure, password protected domain that locks down your most important files, data, and assets through passwords created and managed by you. We make it easier for you to execute tasks in your web-building journey, and we allow you the flexibility to monitor your own IP addresses and passwords. You can also have the choice to limit user access of other users on the same domain as you see fit. Protect the WHM system with reinforcement of a WHM License that will keep your web around for as long as you choose to and then some.