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Why Invest in cPanel Plugins?

Posted by Jeff on 29 04 2016.

You might be wondering, “What exactly can I add to my website to outshine my competitors?” The best web enhancers on the market come in packages that go by the name of addons or plugins. The plugins all serve different purposes on a site with the ability to execute tasks that benefit the web builder and the website simultaneously. cPanel plugins or addons can be separated into several main categories that distinguish their purpose for the website and the tasks they execute. There are website builders, Auto installers, cPanel Features, Virtualization, Server Administration, and Billing/NOC software. These categories host plugins that serve the website as enhancers that make the web visitor’s experience more interactive, pleasurable, and educational. Take a look inside the ways these helpful plugins serve to create a nexus of possibilities for your website and the visitor experience.

Website Builders

Website builders, like the cPanel plugins, RVSiteBuilder, Trendy Site Builder, Fantastico, RVSkin and more,
provide web builders with the tools to enhance their web’s appearance and functionality. cPanel plugins add new functionality to the cPanel interface. Third party developers can add icons to the cPanel home that link to new cPanel interfaces or to other files or locations that they want to access.  Using a particular host, cPanel can perform any number of website building tasks. For example, mailing lists: website builders can create a list of individuals whom they can organize and group into categories. It helps personalize communication to each group of clients without any extraneous effort on your behalf.

Enhancing Business Reputations

Your website becomes an interactive space; it provides an interactive experience for the site visitors, allowing them to learn more about your business and products. If your clients and site visitors are getting the best experience when visiting your database, then they are likely a returning visitor who will later become a client to all of your services and products. cPanel plugins improve the professional relationship built between entrepreneurs and other sponsors, advertisers, and clients. This creates life-long business relationships that help uphold the reputation of your business, making it grow and double in size within 5 years. The mailing lists found in the mail section of your user interface of the control panel assist the web builder in creating a welcoming atmosphere for new site visitors and potential business clients.

Assisting Web-Builders

With our immaculate pricing, business owners who take the role of website builders benefit from server administration addons. By adding these to your cPanel package, your website enjoys server monitoring, cPanel Admin, and KernelCare. The addition of these plugins builds a creative adventure for both the user and the client. Indulge yourself in all the different cPanel plugins that help make the web experience a smooth journey for the visitor. Take LiteSpeed to make your website work at lightning speed for low prices; MycPadmin will help you focus on administration and management on any cPanel server for the low price of $49 a month, relieving you of any redundant administrative tasks.