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6/18/2011 – WHMxtra and cPanel

Posted by admin on 18 06 2011.

Managing our servers and web hosting is something that we must all do regularly. While the Web Host Manager (WHM) is an excellent tool that allows us to perform most of our tasks, there are times that we must log on as root; issue commands; and monitor the results. Most of the time these are routine functions, but there are times that we all wish there was an easier way to accomplish these same tasks. There is an easier way.

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WHMxtra is an addon module that is designed specifically for use with cPanel servers. This server side application allows us to perform many of the functions from our WHM or cPanel that we could only do from the command line. There are also some functions that we may not to have been able to do at all, that WHMxtra makes possible.

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WHMxtra is a server side application that is designed to enhance our WHM. It boasts more than 160 tools to make our lives as web hosts easier. While our list is not all-inclusive, here are a few of WHMxtra’s features:

  • Configurable, graphical shortcuts to many of the functions that we need to use to manage our servers.
  • The ability to change the WHMxtra interface to our choice of color scheme, which will change to that new color scheme within 1 second of selection.
  • Its browser allows easy navigation throughout the entire filesystem of your server as root. This allows you to change many of the file’s attributes, and any of the other file functions that normally required command line access.
  • File editing is available.
  • More problematic areas such as database or file repairs, cPanel rebuilds, deleting backups, and dns repairs are also easily accessed through WHMxtra.
  • Scripts, such as FFMEPG, Zend/Ioncube, PHP, MySQL, Themes, and more, are easily installed via the WHMxtra interface.
  • Multiple security tools, firewall installation, root scanners, and more are available through WHMxtra.
  • Memory usage, bandwidth, disk usage, domain searches, and the ability to create multiple accounts, all can be done through WHMxtra.
  • Many of the services that need to be monitored that may or may not be located on cPanel are easily accessed with WHMxtra.
  • Software reinstallations and upgrades can also be done through WHMxtra.
  • Zero ram usage, 20 MB of hard drive space, and minimal CPU use.
  • Many more.
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WHMxtra is installed the same as most other server side scripts. Once you have purchased a WHMxtra license, you must log on as SSH root and run a command that you will receive. WHMxtra will then download to your server and installation will commence. Just follow the onscreen instructions, and proceed to the configuration of your package once installation is complete.

While WHMxtra has many time-saving features, it is up to you as a web host to determine if the product is the right choice for your operation. Most of us who work from the command line on a regular basis are familiar with many of the commands that are required to keep our servers functioning properly. However, there are always moments that an error can be made and we develop our own problem that we have to correct. WHMxtra can help to eliminate many of these types of problems.



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