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6/18/2011 – WHMSonic and cPanel

Posted by admin on 18 06 2011.

Today’s Internet solutions differ greatly from those of a few years ago. The inclusion of rich media such as streaming video, Internet radio, digital images, etc. has pushed the limits of the older technology. Fortunately, many areas now have access to a broadband Internet connection and many of those former limits either have been pushed further out, or have been removed altogether.


Although there are many web hosts who continue to limit their client’s capabilities to provide certain rich media experiences for their users, there are perhaps just as many that do not. While the reasons for these limits may be as varied as the kinds of server setups that are in service, the applications that allow websites to offer rich media is not so limited in scope. One of these applications is WHMSonic.


[toggle title=”What is WHMSonic?”]

WHMSonic is a server side application that allows our clients to offer ShoutCast streaming media to their users. Although there may be other uses for the application, the websites that use it are primarily involved in some form of Internet radio endeavor. If you are concerned about your client’s bandwidth usage, a feature is provided that will address that concern. In addition, this application is not intended for use on shared hosting. Installation instructions are only provided for dedicated or VPS servers.



[toggle title=”What features does WHMSonic offer?”]

WHMSonic has anextensive list of features, and we shall list a few of them here:

  • WHMSonic has language support for eight languages.
  • The application has HD radio support.
  • It allows the client to create flash players and links to other players.
  • ShoutCast radios can be easily setup and managed from either the WHM or cPanel.
  • ShoutCast radios can be setup either internally or externally.
  • WHMSonic can be the only service contained within the cPanel. No hosting package required.
  • Automatic DJ’s can be set up for automatic play.
  • Branding features.
  • Bandwidth monitoring, limits, and controls in realtime.
  • Your resellers can offer the service to their resellers.
  • You can offer your clients RadioLive websites and templates.
  • The major players are supported, such as Winamp, QuickTime, Mediaplayer, Flashplayer, etc.
  • Realtime statistics
  • Advertisement features
  • Suspend and unsuspend function that allows you to suspend any of your client’s radios.
  • Many more.

In addition, your cPanel clients have the following features available at their mouse click:

  • They can set up their WHMSonic according to the limits you set.
  • They can manage or remove the application from their cPanel.
  • Access to the WHMSonic configuration is available through the cPanel.
  • If you provide your clients with access to the AutoDJ feature, they can access it from their cPanel.
  • Backups and downloads of scripts are available via the cPanel.
  • Bandwidth usage logs are available through the cPanel.
  • You can also include a FAQ section in your client’s cPanel that contains any information that you need to provide for them to use the application.
  • Many more.


[toggle title=”How can I install WHMSonic on my server?”]

Unlike many other scripts, WHMSonic does not require you to have SSH root access. Once you have purchased a WHMSonic license, you can install it on your dedicated or VPS server as you would most any other script. It installs as a plugin to your licensed cPanel installation and it is ready for you to configure for your clients.



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