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6/18/2011 – WHMCS and cPanel

Posted by admin on 18 06 2011.


The Internet has provided a source of opportunities that were not available even 10-15 years ago. Those who have been online for any amount of time have noticed a daily addition of online businesses that have made their appearance. While many of these online businesses are extensions of companies or individual’s physical storefronts, many others are devoted exclusively to an online audience. Regardless of the background of each individual online store, those who are conducting business online, and especially those who process orders through their website, require some method to process their customer’s orders safely, efficiently, and securely.


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Web Host Management Complete Solution, more commonly referred to as WHMCS, is perhaps one of the most popular ecommerce solutions that integrates with cPanel today. WHMCS is marketed as being the total solution for providing online businesses with the ability to manage their billing and support functions.

In order to respond to how WHMCS assists website owners, let us take a look at some of WHMCS’s features. It should be noted at this point, however, that you need a license to use WHMCS beyond the initial trial period.

  1. Billing is one of WHMCS’s functions and the application is capable in supporting multiple currencies, invoicing, taxes, quotes and estimates, and even ticket support.
  2. WHMCS is completely automated and can process your customer’s payments, refunds, and is capable of conducting checks for fraudulent transactions.
  3. The WHMCS application is easy to use and is very easy to deploy on your existing system. Installation is accomplished by your web-host or by WHMCS so that everything can be properly tested on the server side.
  4. Product support is included in the WHMCS application and allows for easy stock management, emails, promotions, and allows for the entry of custom fields.
  5. WHMCS currently supports up to 50 payment gateways, and provides logs and reports of every transaction.
  6. If you have a question about WHMCS, the support ticket system and knowledge base will make an answer available to you within a reasonable amount of time.
  7. When your business grows, WHMCS has add-on modules that can expand its initial capabilities so that it can grow with you.
  8. For those of us with different requirements, WHMCS is customizable and allows the use of different templates, order forms, CSS, and languages.
  9. As flexible as WHMCS is, there are often situations that require a special function. This is no problem for WHMCS, as it is completely developer friendly and offers development kits, API access, and action hooks.


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With cPanel being one of the most popular web hosting platforms, a brief mention of how cPanel and WHMCS work together is in order. Assuming that you already have a licensed copy of cPanel, aside from WHMCS’s need to be installed from the server side, the integration between WHMCS and cPanel is seamless. WHMCS will show in the cPanel interface much the same way as any other application. When the WHMCS icon is clicked in the cPanel the WHMCS interface will display and you will be able to work with the application from there. There is no difference in functionality.



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