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WHM Makes it Easy to Install Your Wildcard SSL Security Certificate

Posted by Allura on 29 12 2017.

Over the last ten years we have seen a massive shift in digitization, and we now use the Internet for everything from online social interactions to ordering our food and transport to get around.

The consumer uses the net at a number of different touch points in day-to-day life but converting a consumer into a customer online is easier said than done.

That’s why so many online businesses have turned to security certificates to bolster user confidence and trust, and to encourage them that it is completely safe to enter confidential information into their websites.

WHM makes wildcard SSL integration a breeze, enabling resellers to offer protection to different sub-domains on a server. A Wildcard SSL certificate delivers the same level of safety and security as individually licensed certificates but with less administration.

When you register for your Wildcard SSL, all you have to do is enter an asterisk in the subdomain field. The asterisk shows it’s a wildcard. If your site is you would place the asterisk like this: *

This would mean you could make , pics. , blog. etc secure using the same certificate.


Installing Your Wildcard SSL Certificate

Once you have logged into your WHM control panel navigate to the left hand side menu and select ‘Install a SSL certificate and set up the domain’.

Then paste the Wildcard SSL certificate’s content into the first text field. You can do this by opening your certificate using a text editor.

Make sure you start your selection at the Begin Certificate command and finish with the End tag.

The other text fields will be auto-filled but make sure that the CA Bundle and SSL key have been updated correctly.

Next update the domain name on Wildcard to your real account domain name.

Double check that the IP Address and username are correct.


Problems During The Installation?

While this process is success most of the time there are some circumstances that might present a few challenges.

Incompatibility with mobile browsers may give users on Windows Mobile 5 devices access issues. To complicate things a little more Microsoft Lync Server, Oracle Wallet Manager and Microsoft Office Communication Server do not accept wildcard security certificates.

Older browsers may also be incompatible because they do not support certificate requests.

The best way to avoid problems is to ensure you get your Wildcard SSL certificate from a certified and credible provider.