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WHM Home Interface Sections for You to Master

Posted by Alex on 25 04 2017.

Once you log in to your WHM account, you will find, under the Home interface, all the links to the sections of the program. These interface sections allow you to manage every aspect of your account, so make sure you know more about them.


Server Configuration


Basically the “Initial Setup Wizard” interface, which your server executed the first time you accessed WHM. You can use this for updating configuration options.




The settings here allow you to choose how your customers will contact you for aid and assistance. cPanel & WHM support services are also available here.


Networking Setup


This is where you can configure your server for Internet use.


Security Center


Enhance server security through this option, such as managing and configuring users and SSH keys.


Server Contacts


Under this menu, you can select an option on how you can contact your server admin.




When you want to see all of your reseller accounts or the Reseller Center interface, access this option.


Service Configuration


For configuring cPanel & WHM’s services and their service daemons, this is where you should head to.




You can do all of your server’s locales management tasks here.




This option provides you the ability to create backups not only of the contents of your server, but its configuration as well. You can also schedule the automatic creation of backups here.




Here, you can configure several servers for the purpose of sharing DNS information or the configuration of your WHM account. This is also where you can generate a trust key relationship between all your servers.


System Reboot


There are two ways to perform a reboot system available here. Choose one based on the reason you want to perform a reboot in the first place.


Server Status


You can access server information here displayed via lists. You will find these lists useful when problems arise.


Account Information


You can see data about your accounts, even specific accounts, in this menu. Some configuration options are also available here.


Account Functions


Want to create a new cPanel or WHM accounts or manage your existing ones? This is the option you should select.


Multi Account Functions


With this option, you can manage several cPanel accounts simultaneously.




Copy accounts and transfer them your source server to your destination server here.




Under this menu, you will find the cPanel theme management options.




Set limitations on account users under this menu.


DNS Functions


This option gives you access to the basic functions relating to the Domain Name System (DNS) data of your servers.


SQL Services


Manage your server’s SQL databases here.


IP Functions


Manage your server’s IP addresses here.




Manage all software currently on your server here.




Manage and configure how the server handles your email here.


System Health


Under this option, you can access information about server usage as well as processes running on your server.




You can manage all of the features your cPanel customers can access here.




This option gives you several options to make sure your server remains secure through SSL/TLS.




Go to this option when you want to make changes on managing the providers appearing in all of your user’s cPanel Market.


Restart Services


You can restart a daemon (or a similar service) via this section.




You can easily access development resources through this option, which also includes the “Standardized Hooks” management interface.




Configure your server’s plugins through this section.