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WHM: Everything You Wanted to Know

Posted by Jeff on 06 04 2016.

When it comes to cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM), there are often a lot of questions. The software and hardware involved can be complicated, and many people interested in using WHM are at a loss for why they need it at all. WHM is a powerful option that can benefit many different businesses. Here are some common questions people have about WHM and cPanel, including the basics, to help you understand what this option can do for you and your business.

WHM and cPanel

What is a WebHost Manager?

Combined with cPanel, WebHost Manager is a fully featured web hosting control panel system. WebHost Manager, specifically, allows backend access to cPanel, letting you perform a number of operations and functions you would be otherwise be unable to do. It’s best to think of WebHost as an administrative suite of applications, granting you access to more things and, as a result, giving you more control over their operations.

What can I do with WHM specifically?

WHM offers you a wide range of operations and procedures, all of which can be catered and customized to what you need. The full range of options available is increasing every day, but these are the key ways in which you can use WHM:

• The power to create, delete, and suspend cPanel accounts on your server.

• Permissions for checking server statuses and information.

• Ability to change your client domain names and user names.

• Options to manage and monitor your sites.

• The option to customize hosting and control panels.

• Configuration abilities so you can provide customer support through cPanel.

• Default page changes whenever you create a new account.

Why Would I Need WHM?

WHM is not for everyone as it allows certain access and functions that are simply unnecessary for many different kinds of businesses. But if you’re managing domain accounts, or hosting and managing reseller accounts, you will need the flexibility that comes with WHM. Not only will it allow you to install a server and system, configure manual or automatic system backups, and transfer accounts between servers, it will do so with an easy-to-use interface that many people can learn to use very quickly.

How can I figure out if WHM is right for me?

BuycPanel specializes in hosting services and, to that end, we offer a wide variety of different hosting packages that are built for different needs. WHM may be the best choice for you, but to find out for sure, be sure to contact our sales team. Our specialists can work with you to see if WHM is the service that you need, and be ready with a variety of options that may be the better choice. Feel free to contact us with any and all of your questions, so that we can work together to get you the solutions you need.

WHM is a powerful and useful tool for many different businesses and Buy cPanel has packages and services available to help you get the most out of your cPanel and WHM. If you’re on the market for WHM services, be sure to contact us today.