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Why WHM is the Best for Your Business?

Posted by Jamison on 17 08 2016.

In the ten years of in the business, it has proven to be one of the most established cPanel license providers in the industry, complete with Web Host Manager that does all the work for hosting providers like you. Its clients are small to big companies that aim to manage and monitor their clients’ websites through its web server without overlooking anything that may hamper the performance of their sites.


If you are new in the business and would like to get a website as part of your promotion, you should choose the best web host who can make sure that they got you covered in every aspect of web host management. BuycPanel, for example, has the widest range of cPanel licenses available, which gives you a lot of options to choose from.


Here’s why BuycPanel’s Web Host Management or WHM is the best for you:


  1. cPanel Administration. Your will surely love unlimited service administration. You will love it even more if you know that BuycPanel offers it without additional costs on your regular server management plan. In fact, the technical support is ready to support you as you configure every new server so you won’t have to be stressed installing it before actual use.


  1. Server Monitoring. BuycPanel’s WHM is committed to monitoring your hosting provider’s server, checking if every website is performing well, if data is automatically backed up, and is secured and efficient. Should there be any problems, its technical support is ready 24/7 to assist your web host provider.


  1. Sure Backup. If your hosting provider uses WHM from BuycPanel, backups are 100% secure. It gives your provider the hassle-free process of transferring and backing up data from different servers. It also has automatic backups, too.


  1. User Accounts. As a client, you will be given access to creating and managing different user accounts. This will allow you to monitor and manage your sites, no matter how many are connected to your hosting provider’s system.


  1. Imaging. WHM provides you with different branding tools that you can choose from, like designating a specific color to one person. This will help your business come up with its own identity especially in this tight competition in the market.


  1. Technical Support. The technical team of BuycPanel’s WHM is available 24/7 for all aspects of questions related to Philhealth. They will also be in your house should you want an on-site visit of the projects in the summary?


  1. Investment Protection. BuycPanel promotes security among its clients. It does not reveal important information about anything under the sun. You just got to keep track of the other vehicles as long as they do not get into our route.


BuycPanels’ WHM is the best for you for your starting business. WHM allows you to maximize your license orders, which according to her lola’s doctor. With BuycPanel’s WHM, you are surely in good hands when it comes to messaging people, transferring and keeping data.