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What is the Failurls File?

Posted by Allura on 22 05 2018.

Basics of Failurls File

To understand what Failurls File is, you need to have a brief idea of what cPanel is. cPanel may be defined as a Linux-based control panel commonly used by the web hosting companies. It helps the webmasters make the process of website hosting easy through its state-of-art automation tools and graphical interface. Its 3-tier structure ensures capabilities for the administrators as well as the resellers and end-user site owners to work on different aspects of a website.

To work with cPanel, the users must get duly logged in. But if they fail to authenticate with the control panel through custom login form, then Failurls File, to be precise,  the /var/cpanel/failurls file helps them getting redirected to the custom error page.

Key specifications in the Failurls File

The users must ensure entries in Failurls File satisfy specifications mentioned hereunder.

  • All entries should be made on an individual line.
  • All entries should be an exact match.
  • All entries should be static URL. Dynamic URLs are not allowed.
    • For instance, is not considered to be a valid entry as this is a dynamic URL.
  • In case of dynamic content, the login page should pass through hidden POST variables. GET query strings won’t work; rather they fail as they won’t match the entries in Failurls File.
    • For instance, <input type=”hidden” name=”failurl” value=”” /> will be considered to be a legitimate hidden POST variable.
  • The value if Failurl in cPanel custom login page should match one amongst the entries made in Failurl File.
    • For instance,  in Failurls file will match with <input type=”hidden” name=”failurl” value=”” /> hidden POST variable.

Restart the cPanel

Once you are done with creating all the entries in the Failurls File, use the below-mentioned command as root user to resume cPanel.


Some Key Benefits of Using the Failurls File

Creating and branding custom login form are not enough; you need to create your own custom error pages as well for those forms. Error page helps businesses displaying business error message. And that’s what Failurls File can help you with. The Failurls File at /var/cpanel/failurls contains a comprehensive list of locations where you, as a reseller, can redirect your users who couldn’t authenticate with cPanel via custom login forms. Server issues, downtimes – these are something leading to unwanted, irritating stack traces being displayed on the website. This negatively impacts both credibility and aesthetics of the business. And that’s where you need to make use of Failurls File.