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What is the Failurl File

Posted by Allura on 20 04 2018.

What exactly is cPanel?

cPanel or Control Panel as abbreviated is a compact and crisp web hosting tool, which has a UI or user interface that represents a curve or graph. Loaded with most of the features, the Failurl File is one of the hot subjects that pop up when we talk about cpanel. Let us take a look at what exactly is the Failurl File and why it is important to certain websites and pages.

The Features of The Failurl File Interface

Quite precisely speaking, The Failurl File is a copy of a customized web page where the seller or a certain web browser is redirected to when the actual login page fails with an error message displayed on the page that is stored as a cache. Talking about Cache files, they are an offline and compact version of what the actual page or a web page is. The Failurl File may be considered as a parallel webpage, with the customized error page instead of the actual page.


Key restrictions While Creating the Failurl File

However, creating an error page has invariable some restriction, that one needs to follow. The Failurl File needs to follow certain rules under which the page will function correctly. Let us run through some of the restrictions.

  1. The entries or the error page that one is supposed to display should be on different lines. No line can converge with each other, as that would not display the error message correctly.
  2. Static URLs are the certain URLs which cannot be backtracked or fail as an individual URL. These URLs have to be exclusively used for each entry in order to properly stack them and make the Failurl File webpage load properly.
  3. POST variables are the only Java data type that will pass the dynamic URL. One cannot use the
    GET character data type as it will invariably fail and the webpage might not load at all, showing an error.
  4. Another important thing about the Failurl File is that the value of the same in the login of any third-party user has to match with at least one of the many entries in the actual login page of the specified or the concerned customer.


These are certain restrictions that have to be kept in mind while designing the Failurl File for it to work correctly. If all the above requirements are executed correctly, the designed error page will show the way it will be designed without a hindrance.