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What is the Directory Privacy Interface?

Posted by Allura on 03 04 2018.

In a world of technological advancement and scientific development, every work has become all the more convenient. However, extensive security is required for such purposes as well. Technology is a blessing in disguise, which comes with its own cons. Misusage is a common phenomenon and in order to avert its consequences, we ought to be more careful with specific documents, personal information and other important data stored in our computer system; by enhancing the amount of security.

A Brief General Overview

The files of an individual’s account in the cPanel consist of certain directories. The Directory Privacy Interface protects and secures few definite directories of the same. On introducing this feature to the system, the latter will automatically prompt the user to log in when there is a requirement or urgency to view the secure folder.

Key Features of the Directory Privacy Interface

  • It poses a limitation to others while accessing specific resources or documents on your personal website.
  • You can protect your directories by setting a password.
  • The feature of safeguarding directories is not applicable if the files are being accessed locally. Protection of directories is also not allowed when a user is accessing via web disk, FTP and other such services.

How do you select and Configure this Interface?

To begin with, you need to select a directory which has to be managed by the system. For selecting a directory, you have to:

  • Click on the option which enables you to choose the desired name for your directory.
  • Click the folder icon which contains the parent directory, by doing so you will be able to view and select the subdirectories.
  • Click the subdirectory name.

The security of a parent directory is extremely strong; therefore, the subdirectory too will inherit the ability of powerful password protection. Make sure that the lock icon appears after you have selected the directories as it will designate the existence of configurations for a particular directory.

How to enhance security settings?

  • Select the option of “password-protect this directory”.
  • To give a label to a directory, enter a display label.
  • You’ll be notified regarding the confirmation once you click on ‘save’.

Likewise, for creating a user for the directory, you require entering the username followed by a new password.


Your documentation will be highly secured and well maintained if you make use of the directory privacy interface.  The configurations are easy-going and you don’t need to undergo tumultuous tasks for introducing this interface to your computer system.