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What is the Directory Privacy Interface?

Posted by Allura on 09 05 2018.

A quick and brief overview

Directory Privacy lets you protect specified directories in the account files of cPanel. By enabling this feature, you actually let the system prompt users to get logged in as they attempt to see any protected folder.


Selecting directories

In order to use this, you need to select a directory that you have to manage.

To select, click the directory’s name you want.

For viewing and selecting subdirectories, parent directory icon needs to be clicked followed by clicking the subdirectory name you want.

Please note that the subcategories belonging to a protected directory inherit the password protection of the parent directory.


Security settings

You should perform the below-mentioned steps followed by clicking Save for enabling the feature. To protect chosen directory with password, here are the steps to follow.

  • Choose Password protect this directory

To disabling the protection, simply deselect Password protect this directory box. Click Save.

  • Insert display label for a directory in Enter a name for the protected directory

The name mentioned here would work as a label for respective directory. This is not the actual name of the directory.

  • Finally Save it and get the confirmation message. To getting back to the configuration of the directory, simply click Go Back.

Once completed, create a user to access the directory.

Steps for Creating Users

For creating a user for chosen directory, here are the steps to follow.

  • Enter any given username in the specified box.
  • Enter and then confirm password.

You need to follow the password guidelines to create your own password. Alternatively you can get help from Password Generator for a strong password.

  • Finally save your work and confirm. To getting back to the configuration of the directory, simply click Go Back.

Steps to find the list of Authorized users

The Authorized Users column lists all the existing authorized users of the directory. You can delete a user by clicking Delete User option.