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What is the AWStats Interface in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 24 04 2018.

Overview of the AWStats Interface of cPanel

This article is about the AWStats Interface of cPanel and WHM version 68. The AWStats interface of cPanel is a helpful application that can generate advance statistics graphically. It is essentially a free application. AWStats is a shorter form of Advanced Web Statistics, which is the original name of the software.

AWStats can be compared to a CGI because it successfully generates all information required by the user in logs through graphical web pages. It can analyze the data contained in Web, FTP and Mail servers rapidly and form a graphical representation out of it.

How to Run AWStats Interface in cPanel

Perform the steps mentioned below to run AWStats Interface from the cPanel account –

  1. Open cPanel
  2. Switch to the Home Interface of cPanel
  3. Select Matrics option
  4. Click on AWStats

Now the AWStats Interface is ready to be operated by the user accordingly. Advance graphical statistic can be obtained through this interface.

How to view AWStats Data

Traffic statistics can be viewed with the help of AWStats in cPanel. To see the traffic statistics for a specific domain, just click on View for that particular domain.

In the next step, a new interface will appear. This new interface shall contain AWStats traffic statistics for the particular domain that the user has selected to view.

What AWStats Data Displays

The AWStats interface can display the detailed statistical data of the visitors to the website. Below list explains what can be expected from AWStats

  1. The average count of visitors hourly, daily and/or monthly is displayed by AWStats in the forms of graphs and tables.
  2. AWStats also displays the various links through which a visitor can access the user’s website.
  3. HTTP Codes used by the visitors.
  4. Operating Systems that are used.
  5. Information related to the Browsers that are used.
  6. Locales of origin.


The AWStats interface is very useful to figure out the number of visitors or other important information related to the visitors to a particular website. The traffic statistics help the user gain knowledge about how and why the visitors access the website of the user.