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What is Perl Module?

Posted by Allura on 27 03 2018.

A ​Perl Module is a software in Perl programming language. Often, you may use Perl modules in scripts. You often wonder how to properly integrate a Perl module into a script. All you have to do is retrieve the module from a central repository and install it on your server.



It is important to remember that as of cPanel and WHM version 11.36, this feature is not approved. If you disable this feature, you cannot re-enable it. This feature allows users to integrate Perl modules into scripts. But without the need to specify a separate path to the installed modules.


How to search for and install a Perl module?

You need to perform the following steps:

Use one of the following methods to find the module you desire:

  • Enter a search term in the available text box, then click Go
  • ​Click on​ Show Available Perl Modules(s) to file the Perl modules that the CPAN provides.

The interface shows the following information for all displayed modules:

  • Module Name— the module’s name.
  • Version — the version number of the module.
  • Description— the description of the module.
  • Actions— the actions that you want to perform for that module.

Click on ​Install next to the module that you want to download and install.

  • To view a module’s documentation, click on ​Show Docs for that module.
  • ​If you cannot find the desired module, enter a new keyword in the Search text box and click


The Installed Perl Module(s)

An ​Installed Perl Module table registers all of the modules that exist on your server.


For all installed module, the following table displays the information mentioned below:

Columns Description
ActionsYou need to perform the following actions for each module:

  • Update— Update module.
  • ​Reinstall— Reinstall module from CPAN.
  • Uninstall— Remove module from your server.
  • Show Docs— Read module’s documentation on CPAN.
Module NameModule’s name.
VersionModule’s version number


Conclusion :

A Perl module is a software in the programming language. People often use Perl modules in scripts. The cPanel andWHMversion11.36isauniquefeature. It permits the users to gather Perl modules into scripts without specifying a path.