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What is Market Provider Manager?

Posted by Allura on 11 05 2018.


This Interface called Market Provider Manager helps you to choose the certified providers that you want to appear in the cPanel Market. The wizard interface (Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS Wizard) of cPanel SSL/TLS displays each of the products that are offered in the cPanel Market by the providers.

How to manage the providers and the products?

Click the Providers tab to see the list of all existing SSL certificate providers along with their links to the home pages of all provider and the set of provisions of each provider. Click the dedicated toggle switch to allow your users to purchase certificates or the disable toggle to manage the providers if not certified.

Select the listed products existing under the Products tab enabled as cPanel Market providers.

Manage the procedure to recommend a product:

Like other numerous shopping websites on internet today you can add or alter a marked wish-list to recommend buyers on your cPanel account.

  • Click the star icon to recommend a product.
  • Click the activated star icon beside the product on display to remove the product from recommendation.

Manage product availability:

For approving your users to buy a certified product click the appropriate Enable toggle switch and for disabling the product click the appropriate Disable toggle switch.

Product price management:

To set the prices of a product, you will have to perform these following steps:

  • Select the dedicated edit link.
  • Then use the controls in order to manage the new price.
  • Then click Save.

Then the interface will instantly recalculate and will display the new commission amount.

Manage commissions for the products:

All the administrators of the server must put a valid email address as a recipient of commission for accumulating the sales directives from a cPanel Market provider that supports commissions. To manage the recipients of the directives on cPanel Market purchased by the users, go through the following steps:

  • Select the cPanel Store Configuration tab.
  • Put the addresses in the dedicated text box.
  • Click the Set Commission ID then.

Through this steps you will complete the recipients of cPanel Market Purchase management.


Now you know how to manage market provider in cPanel easily to manage prices and products from the certified seller on a server. This also helps you to guide your users to buy certified products. Market provider manager helps to regulate an existing business on your server and dealings with certified and non-certified providers easily