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What is cPHulk and How Does it Work?

Posted by Allura on 31 05 2018.

What is cPHulk?

Security is of massive importance for the cPanel team. Not only they make sure about providing everything that could enhance protection for their customers, but they also provide ways to keep safe the information of the ‘clients of the customers’ as well. One of their exciting features for either web, email, or server security is cPHulk. This feature, provides great protection against brute force attacks, and it has become a part of their security suite for years — and now it has become even more dominant with the release of cPanel & WHM version 70.

Brute Force Attacks:

When you get locked out of an account after several failed password attempts, this is a security measure used to ensure that malicious software does not breach successfully its way into your private user or customer data. In a brute force attack, an attacker attempts to enter a user account by repeatedly entering random passwords. While this method of hacking is not particularly refined, it can and does work. That makes protecting yourself even more important.

How does this cPHulk works?

cPHulk is involved as part in all cPanel & WHM installations and can be used to monitor and block all login attempts made to cPanel, WHM, FTP, email, and SSH. It delivers all the administrators with a range of methods to combat brute force attacks either automatically or manually. cPHulk can even be used to block mischievous IP addresses in your firewall.

Blocking of mischievous logins can be issued in dissimilar durations from a temporary ban to a one-day or even to a permanent ban.  This highly configurable cPHulk system permits you with a deal of control.  And you can even specify the number of failed login attempts before an IP address will be blocked. And also permits you to define some additional actions to perform and trigger an automatic block. It also enables notifications to the server administrators for every specific events that occurred.


cPHulk acts as an antivirus in cPanel and helps you to work with ease and also protects you and your clients’ accounts from being locked out. It even protects you from being hacked. If you are new to cPanel and want your accounts to be protected then you can trust on this feature named cPHulk.