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9/4/2011 – What is cPanel and What is WHM?

Posted by admin on 04 09 2011.

What is cPanel and What is WHM?

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When managing the server configurations for your users, there is a variety of tools available to make a web host’s life easier. Two of these tools are cPanel and Web Host Manager (WHM), which are the topic of this brief article. In addition, although there are many different server operating systems (OS), any mention of a server operating system in our discussion will be with the Linux OS in mind, for that is what cPanel and WHM are designed to work with. While both cPanel and WHM are designed for webhosts, resellers, and users to interface with the servers, they serve different functions.


What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web hosting application that provides access to various tools and functions, to server administrators, resellers, and end-users by means of a graphical interface. The cPanel ease of use allows for server administrators to either enable or disable specific web hosting functions depending on the reseller or end user’s access privileges.
Thanks to the Application Programming Interface (API), cPanel is also ready to connect with both internal and third party software products that are necessary to perform such routine tasks, such as


• Enable SPAM filters
• Setup and check Web Mail
• Establish email accounts
• Authorize FTP access
• Setup cron jobs
• Initiate backups
• Monitor bandwidth usage
• Monitor disk storage
• Access to help files
• Gain access to support
• Access to addon features and software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, etc.
• Many, many more


cPanel is an easy-to-use interface that enables even the novice webmaster to manage their account with minimal intervention from administrators and resellers.


What is WHM?

WHM is also a web hosting application, but it serves a different function than cPanel. WHM’s primary purpose is to provide access to various server tools and functions to server administrators and resellers. While there may be some functional capability that an advanced end-user could use, it is unlikely that most web hosts would grant access to the advanced functionality of WHM to them.
Listed here are a few tools and functions of a WHM:


• Configure reseller and end-user accounts
• Configure DNS
• Establish specific service packages that are included the various web hosting plans
• Setup cPanel
• Establish the skeleton (minimal) files and folders that are included in a new account
• Add, delete, or modify IP’s
• Establish bandwidth and storage quotas
• Monitor account activity
• Begin, suspend, or terminate account services
• Enable branding on reseller accounts
• Setup email, including modifying MX entries


The WHM is a valuable tool that enables administrators and resellers to manage their servers and accounts with an easy to use graphical interface.


This article is not all inclusive of the features of either cPanel or WHM. Both of these applications are feature rich and are well suited for the function they were developed. Both of these applications are developed by the cPanel company, and are designed to complement each other.


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