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What is a Failurls File?

Posted by Allura on 15 03 2018.

A Brief Overview

CPANEL is an online Linux-based control panel which is widely used for web hosting.  It provides an graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. CPANEL implements a 3 tier structure that provides capabilities for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners. These help various aspects of the website and server administration which could be carried out right from any standard web browser.

CPanel also has command line and access which is API based that allows third party software vendors, web hosting organizations, and developers to make the standard system automatic and to turn the administration processes more smooth.

A dedicated or Virtual Private Server is required for the functioning of Cpanel. The latest CPanel version supports installation on Centos. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Rhel), and Cloudlinux OS.CPANEL 11.30 is the last major version to support FreeBsd.

The /Var/CPANEL/Failurls file would allow a reseller to redirect that user to a custom error page.


Key Requirements

The user has to make certain that the entries in the FAILURLS file meet the following requirements:

  • Each entry must be on a separate line.
  • Each entry must be a static URL.
  • For example: is not a valid entry because it is a dynamic URL.
  • The login page must pass dynamic content via hidden POST GET query strings will fail because they will not match any entry in the FAILURLS file.
  • For example: <input type=”hidden” name=”FAILURL” value=”” />is a valid hidden POST
  • The FAILURL value in the custom login form mustmatch one of the entries in the FAILURLS
  • For example: in the FAILURLS file matches the <input type=”hidden” name=”FAILURL” value=”” /> hidden POST

Restart CPanel

After entries are made in the Failurls File, the following command is to be used to restart CPanel:



Downtimes and server errors often lead to ugly stack traces being displayed on a business website. This impacts credibility and overall aesthetics. FAILURLS File is a very important part of CPanel which allows a reseller to redirect the user to a custom error page that displays a business error message.