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What does the ‘File Restoration Interface’ do in cPanel?

Posted by Allura on 08 06 2018.

A Brief Introduction to the ‘File Restoration Interface’:

cPanel has released one of the their new exciting feature and lets you use that feature both as an end-user and as a server administrator. It allows you to restore an individual file from an account backup. This interface displays all of the files and directories in a backup file and is known as file restoration interface. This interface only permits you to restore items from local backup files. The File Restoration interface only shows the WHM-generated backup files.

Procedure to Restore a File:

In order to restore a file from an account backup, first you must have backups done already. In order to enable the backups, log into the WHM account and direct to the WHM as a root user, or as a root-enabled reseller, and then direct to the Backup Configuration interface. There you can select the backup list and select the users you want to have backups.

The restoration process starts from here:

This interface is too similar to both the WHM and cPanel. In order to access your backups, direct to the “File Restoration” option in cPanel. If you do not find the file restoration option in cPanel then ask your server administrator to confirm that the “Backup Manager” feature has been added to your account. After doing this, just go through the following steps in order to restore a file:-

  • In order to view a directory’s contents, select the desired directory’s name.
  • Then select the file that you want to restore. The interface will than show all the locally-available backup files of that selected file.
  • Then select Restore This Version for the desired backup of the file that you want to restore. Then they will confirm you with a message.
  • Now if the wanted file already exists on your account which you wish to restore then you will have to click the Overwrite existing file? textbox for continuing the restoration.
  • And if you do not want to overwrite the existing file then simply select the Cancel option.
  • Then just confirm the restoration of the file.
  • Then select Restore and on completion of the process a success message will be shown to you.

In a nutshell:

The new cPanel file restoration interface helps you in restoring the existing backed up files from other accounts. Most importantly you can avail this interface being both as a server administrator or as an end user.