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What are the Key Features of the ‘Image Interface’ in cPanel?

Posted by Allura on 12 06 2018.

A brief introduction of image interface in cPanel:-

cPanel offers an interface called ‘image interface’. Like other servers cPanel also provides a few key features in their server which allows you to customize image properties and helps to save them in your cPanel account.

These key features or tools provided to you to manage the images you upload are as follows:-

  • Thumbnail Converter — you can use this tool to create thumbnails from images in a directory and store them in a thumbnails subdirectory.
  • Image Scaler —this tool can be used to resize an individual image that you upload in your account.
  • Convert to an Image Format — you can use this tool for converting one image file type to another file type and can also change the file type of all images saved in a directory. For example, you can change .jpg files to .png files.

How to use this thumbnail converter?

To convert a directory of images to thumbnails, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the particular directory that contains the images that you want to convert.
  • Then select the folder icon to direct the file system.
  • Then select a folder name to perform the changes on it.
  1. In the Scale Percent text boxes, select the percentage by which you want to alter your images.
  2.  Then Select the Keep Aspect Ratio checkbox to confirm that the image’s dimensions remain proportional, to prevent the distortion of that image.
  • Or select the Reset Dimensions option in order to reset the Scale Percent values to the default.
  1.  Then choose the Thumbnail Images option.
  • After the Thumbnail Converter converts the chosen images into thumbnails, it will show the following message:
    • The system successfully converted your images into thumbnail images and stored them in the following location: /home/user/.cpanel/thumbnails/tn_*
  • And choose the thumbnail path to open the directory in cPanel’s File Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> File Manager).

You will have to choose an entire folder to convert to a thumbnail. The Thumbnail Converter tool cannot convert individual images.


This image interface is newly introduced to the cPanel interface with different key features and tools to manage your images saved in your account. Now you can set display pictures on your account and easily customize them according to your wish.