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VPS Web Hosting – A Cost Effective Alternative to a Dedicated Web Hosting Service

Posted by admin on 22 06 2015.

VPS, a virtual private server, is like having a dedicated server—but at a lower cost. VPS is cost effective and grows with your needs. It keeps all your information on one virtual server, and provides you with the flexibility to optimize your resources and grow your availability of solutions for your server, all while simultaneously allowing you to keep your server size and online requirements aligned instead of paying for server resources you are not using. A VPS requires no effort on your part in the moving process; it is all based on an online server, which allows for even greater flexibility. As your needs grow, the virtual server can be moved to bigger and better host servers to ensure you get the performance you need.


Control and Customization

There is negligible difference between the control and customization offered by a dedicated server and a VPS server. The significant difference worth noting is where the server is running, either on physical hardware or on virtual hardware. Customers may view the two web hosts as very similar because they will work similarly, enabling users to have administrative access to the OS in both cases. Some hosting companies implement service restrictions on VPS accounts; for instance, how many domains you can host, since those are terms of service limitations and not technical ones. Rest assured that we have you in good hands.


Cost Efficient

The most significant difference between VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting is the price you’re paying for essentially the same features. The only difference, as mentioned before, is the hardware you are getting with dedicated web hosting. Dedicated hosting can be significantly more expensive as it requires upfront a large amount of upfront investment—so why not get essentially the same service for a lower price? With a VPS, you are paying for a space to host your files, but with VPS web hosting, you do not have to pay for excessive resources that you have not grown into yet.

Network Connection

Having a strong and reliable connection is the key to an efficient server. It is also quite important to ensure a fast connection that is capable of handling all of your needs. When it comes to fast connections, it usually means higher costs for faster speeds from an ISP. If you are planning on having a high volume clientele, then it is very important to ensure a cost efficient web hosting plan. Otherwise, this can be more than what you have signed up for with your ISP and can lead to overage costs associated with your server. Investing in a server means you want to get the best connection possible so not only you, but also your clientele, can benefit from the web host server.


Our biggest priority is our clients. We, at BuycPanel want to make sure you are happy with the service you are receiving. To keep your loyalty, we have included several upgrades to our service. For instance, the VPS optimized 2.0 boasts 12-15 Megabyte reduction in standing memory usage. This is accomplished while retaining all functionality of a regular cPanel/WHM installation.