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Using ‘Raw Access’ Interface

Posted by Allura on 29 01 2018.

Monitor Site Traffic with: Raw Access Login

Powered by cPanel the Raw Access logs are elementarily text files that contain information about visitors to the user’s website and FTP site. The Raw Access interface also contains information about the content accessed by the visitors, without displaying graphs, charts or other graphics. Website owners can avail the Raw Access logs menu to download a zipped version of the server’s access log for their website. The zipped version of the server’s access log allows website owners to quickly check who has visited their site. Raw Access interface helps in analyzing the type of requests the site is getting. This interface even allows users to make visible to someone their web statistics without giving away the cPanel login.

Steps to Create a Raw Access Login

Besides generating traffic it is very important for website owners to monitor the incoming site traffic. Monitoring the site traffic effectively increases the revenue generation. Avail the Raw Access Login interface powered by cPanel to administer site traffic. Observe the following steps to configure the Raw Access Login-

  • Login to cPanel either through domain URL or through cPanel via server URL.
  • Go to the ‘Metrics’ option which provides statistics report of the domain. After locating the Metrics section click on ‘Raw Access’ Interface.
  • Check the desired conditions on the configure log window and then click on save.


Steps to Download Raw Access Logs

  • First login to cPanel.
  • Click on Raw Access in the Metrics section on the cPanel home screen if the user is using the Paper Lantern cPanel theme. Another alternative could be clicking on Raw Access in the logs section on the cPanel home screen if the user is using x3 cPanel theme.
  • In the final step click on the filename, of the file to be downloaded.

Stay Updated on Site Traffic

The Archived logs on the Raw Access login interface, lists the archived logs on the home directory.  The Raw Access log is well updated with HTTP activity, resource access, IP address and data involving the user agents. It is very important for website owners to administer the incoming traffic on their site. With Raw Access Login users can view how many visitors visit the site monthly, page views per visitor, time spent on the pages and time spent on the site. By tracking visitor details users can stay updated with site details like- when is the site busiest, most popular pages and from where the visitors are referred. Use the Raw Access login interface to monitor site metrics and visitor response.