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Using the Forwarders Interface

Posted by Allura on 18 01 2018.

Quick Mail Management with Forwarders Interface

The forwarders Interface allows the user to configure an email address to forward copies of an incoming mail to another address. According to the need of the user, one can create multiple email accounts on cPanel. In order to overcome the issue of opening multiple accounts to view the incoming mails, the user can merely forward a copy of these mails to another account. With the email interface the user will have to open just one account to view the incoming mails. Users can also discard the email or send it to a program. The forwarder interface also facilitates forwarding of mails from one domain to another.


Steps to setup the Forwarders Interface

On configuring the email forwarder in cPanel users can forward messages from one account to several accounts. Users can also forward messages from a non-existent account to another account. Follow these simple steps to set up an email-forwarder-

  • On the cPanel home screen in the mail section, click on Forwarders.
  • Click on Add Forwarder.
  • Type the email address on which the mail is to be forwarded in the Address to Forward text box.
  • Choose a destination for the forwarded message
  • In the forward to email address text box type the message to forward the message to another address.
  • Click on Discard with error to sender (at SMPT time) to discard a message and send an error to the sender. The user can also optionally set in advance the text for the error message that the sender receives.
  • If the user wants the email to be sent to a system account then he should select Forward to a System Account.
  • Enter path name of the users program with file extension if the user wants to send emails to a program. For this select on Pipe to a program.
  • Click on Add Forwarder to set up the email forwarder.

Addon Features on cPanels’ Email Interface

cPanel also facilitates the function of Domain Forwarder where users can send mails from one domain to another. According to the official cPanel documentation domain forwarding  only takes place when a delivery is not successful. With the cPanel Email Disk Usage interface users can easily view their mailboxes and quickly remove old messages and large files. By configuring email auto responders users can automatically send respond messages from their email account. Users can also filter spam and enable SPF and DKM authentication to filter unwanted messages. The Forwarders Interface is a useful mail feature powered by cPanel. It minimizes operations time and fosters and fastens web management for website owners.