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Using the ‘Change Style’ Interface to Choose the cPanel Interface Display

Posted by Allura on 24 01 2018.

cPanel is a Linux based software that was developed by John Nick Koston.  It was released in the year 1996. It is a web hosting control panel which provides a plethora of automation tools and graphical interfaces and other visual indicators. The cPanel suite provides easy and consolidated access to most Website maintenance features such as domain migration, email configuration, security checks, spam filters, etc. The administration dashboard for a server can be operated through a standard web browser.

The 3-tier cPanel uses a framework comprising of ‘administrators’, ‘resellers’, and ‘end-user’  enables owners to work efficiently and manage their website better. Headquartered at Texas,  cPanel Inc has been a prefered choice for most small to large scale business owners and corporations around the world.

Different FAQ’ s regarding the cPanel is available on the internet to help the users to use it properly.


What is the ‘Change Style’ Interface

The owner of the website can choose a particular style and theme in order to the customize the appearance of the cPanel. The Change Style interface helps the user to choose a style that is available in the cPanel. It also allows to modify the style according to the owners wish. It is also used to create a customized company’s branding, creating logos of different colors theme.

How to choose Cpanel Interface Display

  • Step 1

Login into the cPanel by providing a proper password and user id and open the cPanel homepage.

  • Step 2

Go to the top extreme right corner of the page and click on the username that shows beside the logout button.

  • Step 3

From there click on the Change style option and the Change style interface will be visible.

  • Step 4

There are various styles and themes available in this interface. Choose accordingly and select the apply dialogue box that appears on top of the page.

  • Step 5

Thereafter the interface will gradually load the new style. Users might face a momentary delay while the theme loads.

However, any style can be set as the default style by just clicking on the dialogue box at the bottom of the interface. The hosting providers and the resellers can eventually with the Cascading Style Sheets knowledge modify and create their own styles.