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Use of PostgreSQL Wizard

Posted by Allura on 23 02 2018.

Before you start

Look for Supported Platforms that supports your version of PostgreSQL. You may need upgradation of your database before installing.

If you’re switching from one database to another, that includes the embedded evaluation database, then read the Migrating to Another Database before you start.

Install PostgreSQL

If you don’t have PostgreSQL installed, then download it and install it.

Few things when installing PostgreSQL

The password you provide at the time of installation process for the ‘postgres’ account, is the database root-level account. Remember the provided username and password as it is needed every time you log in to the database.

The default port for PostgreSQL is 5432. You can change the default port, but make sure it does not conflict with any other service that runs on that port.

Create a database user and database

Create a database user, for example confluencer.

Your new user must create database objects and must have login permission.

Then, create a database as Owner for your new database user (for example confluence).Character encoding must be set to utf8 encoding. Collation must also be set to utf8.  Other collations, such as “C”, are known to cause issues with confluence. You can also use pgAdmin as an alternative to the command line to complete this step.

Install Confluence

Go through the Confluence Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions to know the procedure of installation Confluence on your operating system.

Enter your database details

The Confluence setup wizard guides you through the process of connecting Confluence to your database.  Before connecting select “My own database”.

Use a default JDBC connection. JDBC is the most used method for connecting your database. The Confluence setup wizard will offer you two setup options, they are:

  • Simple – this is the easiest procedure to connect to your database.
  • By connection string –you can use this option if you wish to specify additional parameters and are comfortable constructing your database URL.

Depending on the setup type, you’ll be prompted for the following information.


Setup typeFielddescription
SimpleHostnameThis is the hostname or IP address of your database server.
SimplePortThis is the PostgreSQL port. If you didn’t change the port when you installed Postgres, it will default to 5432
SimpleDatabase nameThis is the name of your confluence database. In the example above, this is confluence.
By connection stringDatabase URLThe database URL is entered in this format:


For example:

If you need to connect to an SSL database, add the ssl=true parameter in the database URL. For example:


BothusernameThis is the username of your dedicated database user. In the example above, this is confluence user.
BothpasswordThis is the password for your dedicated database user.



This wizard helps you to setup your own PostgreSQL database easily if you are doing it for the first time.