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Use of Parked Domains in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 23 04 2018.

A Brief Overview of Parked Domain

cPanel is  a control panel which is used for web hosting and has an interface which is graphical in nature. It is Linux based and uses systematically auto designed tools to perform the functions.  A parked domain is a secondary domain whose function is to point to the user’s primary domain. When the parked domain’s website is accessed by the users, the primary website is displayed instead.

For example, is a parked domain that points to When you, the is accessed by the user the website is displayed.

Important Note:

A parked domain name must be registered before visitors can access it.


Creating a parked domain

The following steps must be performed in order to create a parked domain:

  1. The primary domain name must be entered in the text box at the top of the interface, or the user must select the domain from the menu.
  2. The domain name that the user wishes to park must be entered in the Domain to park textbox and the option submit must be selected.

The option Reset must be selected to reset the form.

Important Note:

When you an addon domain, parked domain, subdomain, or main domain, is created the domain with the best-available existing certificate is automatically secured by the system. The system will generate a self-signed certificate to secure the new domain. In the absence of a certificate.

If Auto SSL is enabled for the account that owns the new domain, a request will be added for an Auto SSL certificate to secure the new domain and install it when available.


Disallowing parked Domains on a Domain

The following file must be added to the domain if domains are not to be parked on a specific protected domain:

 /u s r/local/cPanel/etc/common domains



Parked domains are an important feature of cPanel as it helps to point to the user’s primary domain. This article shows the method of creating a parked domain and shows the way of disallowing a parked domain if domains are not to be parked in a specific protected domain.