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How to Use the NameServer Interface?

Posted by Allura on 12 02 2018.

Nameserver Selection is an interface that allows you to select your server’s software. Or even to disable DNS services. What is a Nameserver?

Nameservers match names of domain to IP addresses. Usually, a visitor attempts to find a website that your server hosts. In such cases their computer asks a nameserver for the IP address of the domain that they wish to see. The nameserver returns the IP address for your web server. It then directs the visitor to the correct page.

You must publish the records for your domain names to nameservers. So that visitors can reach those sites. These name servers communicate with many other nameservers. To distribute the records of sites to your server hosts. It takes a certain amount of time. For a domain’s DNS records to spread across the whole Internet. This amount of time is it’s propagation period. A website’s record may need up to one week to propagate. It is also very important to know that you do not start your Nameservers unless you really plan to use them.

How to Select the Nameserver:

To select your server’s nameserver software, you need to perform the following steps:

The cPanel offers you with a couple options of name servers to choose from. You can either log into the WHMand choose between those options or do it from the CLI. Both the methods are
explained below.

Following are the nameserver options:

cPanel offers three different nameservers options. If you wish to see the advantages and disadvantages of each you should log intothe WHM.  Then view the ‘Nameserver Selection’ area where they are outlined. As of May 25, 2014 there are three options to choose from, which are Bind, MyDNS, or NSD. Bind is presently the default nameserver installed by cPanel and it is the server that is recommend for dedicated server installs. However, if you are running on a low memory virtual server we suggest NSD as it uses less memory. If you do not require a nameserver on your server we highly recommend that you choose the disabled option.


How to Disable the Nameserver

To disable your server’s nameserver software-

  • Click Disabled.
  • Click Save.

MyDNS requires that you add external nameserver IP addresses. To the resolv.conf file.


This interface allows you to select your software. Nameservers usually match the names of domain to IP addresses. It allows and directs the visitor to the correct page.  Nameservers connect with many other nameservers to distribute the records sites. It takes a propagation period to spread throughout the internet.