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How to Use the Address Importer

Posted by Allura on 27 02 2018.


You can create multiple email addresses and forwarders simultaneously from your account, with the help of the Address Importer Interface. In order to import data, both Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files (.xls) and comma-separated values sheet (CSV) files (.csv) can be used.


Creating the Import Files:

The first step to create the import file- a series of email addresses and passwords has to be added to the spreadsheet or to the plain text file. If it is a spreadsheet then a separate row and if it’s a plain text file a separate line should be used for every account forwarder. In this way, every account’s and every forwarder’s information would be separated.

For each address or forwarder, import the following information first:

  • Username of the account such as ‘user1’ or ‘’. The domain portion of the address is not required by this interface.
  • Password of the email address which you wish to import.
  • Quotas of the address such as ‘10 megabytes are indicated by ‘10’.


If it is a plain file the extension would be .csv. Please note that if a plain .csv file is in use, email addresses and passwords should be separated with consistency. The information which is to be imported for each account should be separated with a character or delimiter like a comma (,) or period (.).

Examples of .csv file:

Import the File:

If you want to create accounts, first import the file. All the accounts in the file are created automatically by cPanel with the help of the information that you upload.

Steps written below are to be followed to import a file:

  • First, the particular E-mail accounts or Forwarders are to be selected.
  • Second, you have to select the particular file which is to be imported by clicking on ‘choose file’.
  • Next, the character which has been used as a delimiter has to be selected. If, the delimiter does not appear in the list, go to the option ‘other’ and in the text box under that option enter the character.
  • If the column headers are placed in the first row of the file, ‘Treat the first row as column headers’ has to be selected.
  • Then click on ‘next’.
  • The menu at the top of each column of values is to be used if you want to assign every delimited value’s property.
  • At the bottom of the interface, there is a menu named ‘domain’. It has to be selected to use for the accounts.
  • Then click on ‘next’.
  • Then at last click ‘finish’ to end the procedure.

If you wish to import more addresses and desire to return to the first screen of the interface, click ‘import more’.



This feature provided by cPanel enables administrators to upload and create several user accounts through one bulk action. Such batch operations are very useful in saving precious time and effort.