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How to Upload a Locale in XML Format?

Posted by Allura on 16 02 2018.

About Locale

A locale is a computer software which refers to a set of parameters that defines the language, region of the user and certain preferences which they want to have in the user interface. Generally, at least one language identifier and a region identifier are the main contents of locale identifier.

About XML

The Extensible Markup Language or XML is nothing but a markup language like HTML, only it is extensible. World Wide Web Consortium, in short W3C, create this.

Overview of Downloading XML Document

This feature enables you to upload a locale in the format of XML to a server. Once a locale is uploaded, it can be selected from within the cPanel interface.

  • All the necessary files will be created by the system on its own if there is no locale already.
  • Some actions will be performed by the system itself if the locale already exists on the server:
  • Core Files: Not a single key is overwritten by the system but the keys are only added to the system from the XML data.
  • Local Edit Files: with the XML data, keys are overwritten by the system on the server, the non-existent keys are added.

Uploading a XML File

The following steps are to be performed to upload an existing file:

  • First, click on ‘Choose File’.
  • The XML file that is to be uploaded has to be selected next.
  • Last, to complete the process, click on ‘upload’.

Legacy Language File Upload

Access to upload your own language file or a third-party language file is given by this interface. Follow these steps written underneath in order to upload a language file:

  • First, click on ‘This Interface’.
  • Next, click on ‘choose file’ and now the desired file which you want to upload is to be selected.
  • From the ‘Theme’ menu, the desired theme is to be selected.
/Root language file is uploaded, verbiage for the cPanel is supplied by this when a necessary term is absent in the primary language files.
paper_lanternLanguage files of Lantern theme are uploaded by this.
A custom theme on the serverSelect the available custom theme to upload its language file. For the custom themes, the language file is stored in the ‘/usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/themename/lang/’ directory by the system, where the custom theme’s name is represented by the theme name.
  • As the last step, click on ‘upload’.


In a document, XML only adds context to the information and does not provide details about the way of displaying it. To get information out of an XML document, the programs need an API. A description of XML document can be written in a way to make it more useful for the programmers. There are several languages available for this amongst which DTD is the popular one.