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6/18/2011 – TrendyFlash and cPanel

Posted by admin on 18 06 2011.

There is a multitude of websites on the Internet. As with any artistic adventure, and web design may be classed as an art in some instances, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most of these websites are developed using a web programming language called HyperText Markup Language, or HTML, some others are coded in Java, PHP, and others. However, there is one programming language in particular that is capable of generating some amazing graphical web pages. It is called Adobe® Flash®.


Adobe® Flash® has many features that are beyond web development, and a full discussion of the product is beyond the scope of this article. With that being said, Adobe® Flash® allows the web developer to generate flashy, graphical web pages that can be truly amazing. However, the software has a steep learning curve that prohibits its use by most users. It also has another problem — websites developed with Flash® are not known to be search engine friendly, and this has caused many of these types of websites not to be indexed very well in search engines such as Google® and Yahoo®, etc. There may be a solution to this problem, however, as we shall soon learn.


[toggle title=”What is TrendyFlash?”]

TrendyFlash is a server-side application that allows our clients to generate a flash-based website without the steep learning curve that is associated with Adobe® Flash®. A quick view of some of the video tutorials of TrendyFlash show us that a flash-based web site can be designed in minutes; is fully functional, and is search engine friendly. This ease of use is not only good for web design novices, but also to more experienced webmasters who are charged with building sites for their clients.



[toggle title=”What are some features of TrendyFlash?”]

TrendyFlash has many features, and are included not only to generate an eye-catching website, but also to improve productivity, such as:

a)     The capability to add flash designs that are fully animated.

b)     You can add stock images or your own images.

c)      For those who desire to add a music theme to their site, they can do so.

d)     Completely customizable messages, including page titles and tagline.

e)     You can add your own logo and even a different image for each of your pages.

f)       Full text editing, including font size, color, and settings.

g)     The ability to add internal and external links to your pages.

h)     Your clients can specify the page size for their sites.

i)       Each page will have its own meta tags set up automatically.

j)       Completely editable.

k)     No programming knowledge is required to use TrendyFlash.

l)       Different gallery designs are available.

m)  The ability to add social bookmarking links.

n)     Many more.

Based on this brief list of features, we see that TrendyFlash does offer a feature rich product that we can offer our clients. As we are all aware, when we build value in our web hosting services for our clients, the longer that relationship should continue.



[toggle title=”Is TrendyFlash easy to install?”]

TrendyFlash installs onto our servers in a similar method as many other scripts. Once we have purchased the TrendyFlash license, we must log on to our servers with SSH root access and enter the command that we will be given following the activation of our TrendyFlash license. The simple onscreen instructions will guide you through the rest of the installation.



[toggle title=”Does TrendyFlash integrate with cPanel?”]

TrendyFlash integrates perfectly into cPanel. After the installation is complete, you can find TrendyFlash Site Builder in your cPanel in the “Software/Services” group.



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