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Top Five Apps That Allow You to Run Your Business from Home

Posted by Alex on 06 04 2017.

One of the current small business trends that many people are considering getting into is running an online business because this allows them to earn from virtually anywhere as long as there is dependable internet connection. For most people who run an online business, they prefer operating in the sanctity of their own home as it allows them to avoid paying rent and it gives them ample opportunity to spend quality time with their children and loved ones. If you are currently running a business from home, you may want consider improving the amount that you earn by using software technology that will streamline many processes of running your online venture. Here are 5 apps that you should consider using.


Dropbox App

Using Dropbox allows any online business owner to synchronize any type of file or folder across multiple devices. With this application running on your computer, you can share Word files, Excel Files, and PDF’s with your employees online. You can even post songs, videos, and pictures and each every employee will be able to download them at an efficient manner.


Evernote App

With your online business, there is a lot of important information that you should collect and store for future use. Using the Evernote app in your mobile device is a great way to store costing, employee tasks, upcoming meetings, reminders, and more. This application also allows you to avoid missing something important as you can schedule reminders for your day-to-day tasks that are essential in running your online business. The best part of storing notes in Evernote is when you save any specific note; it is synchronized to all of your mobile and home devices.


Gmail App

When running your business, you have to keep in contact with many people. These are your co-owners, employees, and customers to name a few. With the Gmail App running on your smart phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet you can ensure that you will have total control of all communications possible. Using Gmail also allows you to communicate with friends and family from all over the world. You simply create a separate folder for your social contacts and communicate with them as much as you want.


Feedly App

Feedly is an application created for gathering news from multiple websites. This application is good for running an online business as you must keep track of multiple websites, social media pages, and other online destinations for marketing, sales, operations, and many other essential activities in your business. Using this app allows automatic gathering of all updates of your favorite websites, blogs, and news pages.


YouTube App

With the amount of videos being posted every day, YouTube has become a virtual cloud of information where people can instantly access for answers to any problem, concern, or difficulty that they have. In running an online business, you will encounter many problems and obstacles. If you do not know how to solve them, chances are; you will find your answers on YouTube.