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Top Features of WHM and cPanel Version 66

Posted by Allura on 23 11 2017.

The latest version 66 of WHM and cPanel comes loaded with many new features for all types of users. Whether you are a developer, system administrator or Application manager, there are features which will be beneficial to you as a user of cPanel or WHM.

Below is the list of some of the top features of the version 66

phpMyAdmin Updated

The version of phpMyAdmin has been updated from the previous 4.6.6 to 4.7.0. The updated version consists of new features, security fixes and bug fixes.

Easy Navigation for Webdisk and File Manager

The user interface for web disk and file manager is updated. This helps in simplification of accessing the web disk accounts through various clients and devices.

cPHulk uses SQLite

In this the cPHulk service is updated to use SQLite. SQLite eliminates the requirement for a MySQL database and database user to run the cPHulk service.

  • This upgrade from cPanel & WHM version 64 to cPanel & WHM version 66 automatically converts existing cPHulk databases from MySQL to SQLite.
  • After the upgrade, you cannot reverse the conversion.
  • If you wish to access their data, any existing MySQL databases will remain on the server after the upgrade.

Manage WordPress directly from cPanel

The WordPress manager interface enables you to manage the WordPress installations from your cPanel account. To use this you will need to install RPM-based WordPress® cPAddon in WHM’s Install cPAddons Site Software interface (Home >> cPanel >> Install cPAddons Site Software). This interface also allows you to update the WordPress administrator’s password and WordPress database user’s password.

Email Notification feature for System Administrator’s

This setting which is under WHM’s Tweak Settings, provides notification to system administrator when the sent email exceeds the maximum email per day limit set. This is a very important feature from the system administrator point of view, this gives the admin insight about any spamming or security issues in the email system.

Set up Google Drive as Backup Destination

This feature allows system administrators to set up Google Drive account with backups as a remote destination.

Remote Incremental Backups

This version allows the feature of remote incremental backups. This adds to the peace of mind for administrators, helping them to know that their backups are taken regularly and are in a safe remote location.

Frameless User Interface

The user interface of WHM and cPanel is now totally free of frames. This is very useful feature which enhances the mobile user experience.

Hope you have now got to know about top features and updates on the version 66 of cPanel and WHM update. For more information visit