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Tips for Faster Migration from One Web Host to Another

Posted by Alex on 07 04 2017.

When you want to migrate your cPanel accounts, main server IP address, and your SSL certificates from your existing server to a new one, you should first make sure that you have portable IP addresses and that they have migration-compatible features from the existing server to the new one.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Quickly Migrate your cPanel Accounts to a New Server

  1. Get cPanel & WHM on the new server.

Prior to migration, make sure you already have cPanel & WHM on the new server. While the installation process goes on, you would have to choose a hostname as well as a main IP address for the new server. Choose a different main IP address, but retain the same nameservers, hostname, and shared IP addresses.

  1. Start the copying of the accounts.

When you do not have an SNI-capable OS, make sure you copy all of your SSL certificates prior to the host switching process. You will find these in the /etc/ssl/ directory.

Once you have cPanel & WHM installed on the new server, start copying every account from the old server to the new one. When you want to move everything to the new server, just use the WHM’s Transfer Tool interface.

  1. Have your old server shut down.

Before you do this though, check whether or not your old server is part of a DNS cluster. If so, you need to delete all DNS clusters you find in the WHM’s DNS Cluster interface. Once you have completed the copying of the accounts, you can already have your old server shut down.

  1. Replace the main IP address.

You should now replace the main IP address of your new server to the IP address of your old server. Do this through the command line via a local session.

  1. Replace all account’s IP address to the right one.

Sometimes, a system may set the IP addresses of accounts to the original main IP address of the new server. You have to change this back to the current (or the one you used with the old one) IP address. Perform this step using the IP Migration Wizard interface found in your WHM account.

  1. Have your new server join the DNS cluster.

Just in case your server has no part within a DNS cluster, you can skip the following steps.

  1. Go to WHM’s DNS Cluster interface.
  2. Choose “Enable DNS Clustering.”
  3. Select Change.
  4. Choose “Return to Cluster Status”.
  5. Using the “Add a new server to the cluster” option, choose the server you want to join to the DNS cluster
  6. Choose Configure.


  1. Have all SSL certificates reinstalled.

You can go straight to step 8 as long as your server meets these criteria:

  • Your server’s accounts do not make use of Certificate Authority-issued SSL certificates.
  • Both servers utilize SNI-capable OSs.

Here is how to reinstall your existing SSL certificates to the new server:

  1. Go to the “Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain” interface of your WHM account.
  2. In the provided text box, just paste on the certificate. You can also just use the “Fetch” option for uploading a *.crt file.
  3. Select “Submit.”


  1. Ensure the validity of your cPanel license.

After all accounts to the new server, ensure your cPanel license’s validity through the “License Verification” interface.