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Three Crucial Considerations Before Choosing Your Next Hosting Provider

Posted by Allura on 08 12 2017.

The market might be incredibly competitive but not all hosting solutions are created equal.  Just because a company has a big marketing budget and appears to hold market share doesn’t make it the right solution for your business hosting needs. If you’re in the market for a new hosting provider make sure you read these tips so you can make an informed decision about your next provider.


Think Twice About Shared Hosting

It’s no secret that hosting is getting cheaper, and this is due in part to shared hosting solutions, which appear to offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space at very low rates.

Now, your shiny new website of a few pages probably doesn’t need all that, but the other sites that you are sharing the server with just might. And more than that, at some point it’s quite likely that they may end up using some of your share.

The best time to test your website speed is during peak periods or seasonal activity. If you notice slow load times, then you should take a look at a virtual private server so you don’t have to share your resources.


What Kind Of Reputation Does Your Server Have?

Your host probably won’t let you in on this secret, but it is possible to check out your server’s IP reputation using specialized software. This is important because if that server has sent out spam, hosted outdated software or been phished it may be blacklisted. Which means by extension, that your site reputation could be tarnished too.

This doesn’t mean that the other sites on your server have malicious intent; it just means that poor judgment has been exercised and this unfortunately will impact negatively on you.

While you can access the monitoring tools yourself, there is a cost involved, as well as your own time and effort. It’s much more effective is your host does the monitoring themselves.


What Kind Of Software Does The Host Allow?

A shared server will only support certain types of software but there may come a time when a software type or version is not supported by your host. If you prefer MySQL over Percona or Litespeed over Apache, you should find out what software the host supports before signing any contracts.

This is where good customer service comes in. you should be able to ask your host to upgrade to the latest version of PHP, if that’s what you need. If your host is reluctant to help you out, start looking at the competition.

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