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Three Best Practices in cPanel Server Management

Posted by Allen on 12 05 2017.

Perhaps the most commonly used web server control panel in the world, cPanel can provide a hassle-free hosting experience to its users even if they have basic PC know-how.

But for cPanel servers to run smoothly all the time, there are certain cPanel server management practices that many web hosting providers follow. These best practices help said firms deliver unparalleled support to their customers.

Some of these best practices for cPanel server management include:


Creating backups for disaster recovery

Server crashes are one of those nightmare scenarios for website owners as it can result to loss of valuable data, not to mention lost business opportunity.  Server crashes are thus a reason for web hosts to get panicky, unless they have backups in place.

While cPanels has features for backing up server data, these backups will likely fail or get corrupted when not configured or managed properly. These backups may also prove to be insufficient during a server crash.

Reputable hosting companies have backup policies or guidelines to follow. They usually perform server backups during off-peak hours so they can avoid impacting normal server traffic, and compromising server performance in the process.

Most web hosts also configure backups in internal locations to minimize, if not totally eliminate the risks of losing backups in the event of server outages.


IP Blacklisting protection

Many web hosts are concerned about getting blacklisted in spam databases like Spamhaus and SORBS because it can lead to the inevitable customer complaints on mail delivery failures.

Not only would that keep the web hosts’ support team busy but can also affect the sales team, as there is the risk of unhappy clients refusing to renew their contracts.

IP blacklisting can happen to web hosting firms if their servers send too many span or unsolicited mail servers. There are a lot of reasons for this, like bulk mailer software of malicious scripts.

The really good web hosts regularly monitor their email queue and scan their servers to detect abnormalities and addressing these right away, before it can affect the reputation of the servers and end up in IP blacklists.


Efficient utilization of disk space

Disk space in cPanel servers will eventually get used up over time. If disk usage is almost 100% then it can lead to server malfunctions and crashes.  Inability to remove old log files, backups, and dump files can pose problems in the long run, in the same way that huge website content and databases can fill up disk space over time.

Top web hosting companies have personnel that look into these things. Others make use of tools or apps such as MyPcAdmin which can conduct removal of old log files and unused software or services that can clear disk space and ensure that cPanel servers are running efficiently.

These three best practices in cPanel server management are some of the ways that top web hosting firms do in order to prevent server crashes and make their customers satisfied with their services.