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The Real Reasons Why VPS Optimized Saves Memory Space

Posted by Jeff on 08 04 2016.

When it comes to server space, memory is the only thing that matters. While there are a number of strategies you can use to reduce your memory consumption outside of the server itself, having the right VPS service is the key. That’s why BuycPanel offers our VPS Optimized service. With VPS Optimized, we improve the memory usage of our VPS service, meaning you can access more memory space for what you need, rather than sacrificing large chunks of memory to background data, OS, and more.


When it comes to computer systems and server usage, there is only one thing that’s truly increasing, and that’s memory. Everything else can be manipulated, but memory usage is one of the only things that continues to ramp up. Both program size and memory needed to run programs has increased drastically in the past few years, and that means new efficiency practices need to come into effect. With VPS Optimized, BuycPanel may have the perfect solution for your increasing memory needs.

VPS Optimized service

Making it work in a new world

Now in its second iteration, VPS Optimized uses a number of different tactics to increase server efficiency in integral ways, reducing its own memory demands while utilizing software that helps keep space open on the server for what you need, rather than what the server needs to keep things running smoothly. Compared to the former version, VPS Optimized 2.0 has reduced memory usage by nearly 60%, all the while retaining every bit of the functionality of a regular cPanel/WHM installation.

How we do it

The reduction of memory usage in VPS Optimized is accomplished through two major changes: the daemons running background functions and performance enhancing features that focus on DNS clustering with the syncing process and error detection. For the former, our redesigned log processing daemon reduces memory utilization being overall more efficient than similar VPS services. The redeveloped process monitoring daemon includes service-specific verification that also cuts down on unnecessary functions and improves the overall memory usage.

Controlling the daemons

By improving the background efficiencies of the daemons, we’ve managed to help create more memory space through the channels that are otherwise inaccessible. Since daemons must be left to operate on their own, many VPS users have been disappointed with how much space these programs take up and use. But, thanks to our completely redesigned daemon programs, we are able to provide the same level of service and functionality of our regular VPS service, but now with a tangible difference in memory usage.

In the world of virtual private servers, memory is the major aspect that matters, and the one that seems to only be dramatically increasing with time. When you have limited server space, either because of financial or computing limitations, it pays to have a VPS that’s working with you, not against you, to have as much free memory as possible. With BuycPanel’s VPS Optimized service, you will have much more memory to work with, freeing up space for your servers to do the work you need, rather than the operations the server needs.