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The Importance of a SolusVM License

Posted by Jeff on 04 05 2016.

Gain control of tasks related to business decisions and take back the power that makes your business tick. GUI based VPS management system SolusVM holds the keys to success in a competitive business market where many entrepreneurs and business owners alike are thriving at the peak of their business game. The SolusVM software brings new players to the field, including such add-ons as OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Paravirtualization, and Xen HVM support. This management system builds a management bridge between your clients and yourself to manage a VPS cluster with security and ease. New technology is frequently emerging and, in order to stay at the top of the boards as a result, you’ll want to empower business partners, sponsors, and potential and current clients. SolusVM helps you do this and execute other tasks that help to accomplish business goals. Explore several ways that we’ve made SolusVM a primary assistant in the web building experience.

SolusVM Licenses allow you to choose between two types of licenses based on your web building needs;Master Licenselicenses and Slave licenses. Both have extensive benefits to create a unique interaction with website visitors and clients, but one may be more secure than the other. On the front side of SolusVM Licenses, there are seven layers of cluster authentication, which means no easy access to hackers and threatening, unwanted visitors. It also includes a secure, high performance, C based core and brute force blacklisting. With these features, business owners leave security worries at home and focus on running their website hassle-free. No more hackers getting In the way of success and profit.

Master License

The success starts only where the investment begins. The type of license determines which groups the license will fall under. We have the SolusVM Slave Only Master License fitting into Master Licenses category. As the mainframe of any Success is written in the efficiency and productivity of the license. This virtualized master then allows you to add any number of slaves to this Master for the different virtualization types, such as Xen PV, Xen HVM, and other interactive addons. SolusVM Licenses serve unlimited tasks that can be chosen to activate on this type of license with extensive benefits. You are bound to a reliable system to keep your business running and attract new business relationships. (Remove this additional space for spatial consistency between paragraphs)

Slave Only License

With the Slave license used for SolusVM, there are some limitations when compared to Master. It does not allow for OpenVZ to be hosted on the SolusVM master, which may be why it is known as a Slave Only License, managing only the VPS that are hosted on your Slaves. This SolusVM license is quite handy for installation and use on a VPS, this is because the Slave Licenses are like the connecting points of a virtualization structure. It includes all of the individual features in a virtualization structure and are not mandatory to have. These licenses are quite handy with executing secondary tasks, such as redundancy as well as process distribution.