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Termination of a cPanel account

Posted by Allura on 29 06 2018.

A Brief Introduction

In cPanel the account termination interface allows you to terminate multiple accounts simultaneously. And on terminating a single account, the system will utterly eliminate the account from your server.

After terminating an account you will not be able to reverse the action. On terminating an account, the system perpetually deletes that account’s data from the server. And it is better to remove the account’s backups manually or move the backups to another server for avoiding a collision of the data of a new account with a previous account user’s username.

How to Terminate an Account?

This interface provides a table that lists all of the server’s accounts. The steps are as follows:

  • Now just use the Search text box and the navigation controls to search for a particular account or a multiple number of accounts.
  • Select the appropriate option in order to sort the table.
  • And in order to see the suspended accounts only, click the show only suspended accounts checkbox.

If you want to terminate an individual account just perform the following steps:-

  • In order to keep a domain’s DNS zone on your server, just click the appropriate checkbox in the Keep DNS Zone column.
  • Then select the Remove option in the appropriate checkbox in that account’s row.
  • Then just select yes, in order to confirm remove that account of your desire.


If you want to terminate a multiple numbers of accounts simultaneously just go through the following steps then:-

  • Just select the checkboxes correspondent to the accounts that you wish to remove from the server.
    • In order to keep an account’s, domain’s DNS zone on your server, select the appropriate checkbox in the Keep DNS Zone column.
  • Then just select the remove selected accounts option.
  • Then click yes in order to confirm the remove accounts action.

How can keeping a DNS Zone of an Account be Useful?

On terminating an account, you can keep the domain’s zone file in the DNS server. And it can be useful when you move an account to a different server i.e. a part of the same DNS collection as the previous server, and you can remove the account’s data from the original server. And in order to keep the DNS zones for an account of you desire to terminate, then simply select the appropriate checkbox in the Keep DNS Zone column.


Now using cPanel has become much easier as you will be able to terminate a single or a multiple number of accounts with or without keeping those account’s DNS zones. If you need then use this interface provided in cPanel’server.