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Termination of Account in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 16 01 2018.

A brief introduction:

The job of hosting provider is unique. At the same time you are responsible for your day to day operations as well as a service provider for many of the different companies. Every time you deal with clients and customers it is necessary to change, alter and modify the permissions and their accesses to the service you provide. If it’s a delinquent payment or a simple server migration the post will be run through account suspension, termination and bandwidth limitation.


A Brief Overview:

Suspension of an account is very common and effective technique to freeze an account functionality for a particular user. When an account is suspended the system forcibly log the user out of their active sessions and the users will not be able to access their web disk and mailing list resulting to redirect to an account suspension page. Emails will be sent to their accounts but the associated users will be prohibited to download or access those files.

WHM allows to throttle the traffic and limit the bandwidth for particularly the active accounts. When the bandwidth limitation is present it will throttle the band allocation to the max level until the end of the session or the billing cycle. After the beginning of the new session the bandwidth limitation will be dropped. It can be removed by the hosting provider at any time of the prior from any account.


Termination of an account:

The most final action of account penalization is termination. The eventual result of this action is that the system will remove MySQL users, deletes all the DNS zones and also erases all the associated files. This can be performed in following steps, at first you’ll have to log into the WHM website and there you will find a menu at left side from there the next step comes which will be completed by selecting account function. Now the third step is select the terminate an account option and then a list of the user accounts will be shown to you from there you’ll have to choose the account or you can search for the account directly when the list appears.  After selecting the domain name or the user name select the terminate account option. Now a dialogue box will appear for final confirmation of termination and then you’ll have to select ‘ok’. It can take a several minutes depending upon the size of the account.



You can warn mal users of the accounts by suspending their accounts and if they again pursue the same then you can terminate their account permanently.