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Steps to Manually Migrate Accounts to cPanel from Unsupported Control Panels

Posted by Allura on 26 07 2018.

A Brief Introduction

You can easily migrate your online accounts from control panels of incompatible third parties to cPanel and WHM.

Migration services are offered by cPanel, Inc from the list of third-party control panels mentioned below:

  • Ensim
  • DirectAdmin
  • Odin Plesk (previously known as Parallels)


Here are the list of services that is supported by cPanel and WHM:

  • Exim
  • Apache
  • Mailman
  • Bind

It is necessary for you to customise all other services used by the third-party control panel if you want them to run within a cPanel and WHM setup. In case you need some help with this, our migration team can contact you if you generate a support ticket.

If your account isn’t hosted on any of the mentioned control panels, they must be manually migrated to a cPanel and WHM server.


Migrating Your Account

  1. Decrease your DNS Time to Live.
    1. Reduce the Time To Live for DNS records on each domain of the accounts you own. Clients will thereby be compelled to update copies of DNS zones hosted by your nameservers. It is recommended that this process be initiated a few days before beginning the migration process.
  2. Setting up cPanel and WHM on a new server
    1. cPanel and WHM must be installed on your new server before transferring the accounts. You can find the steps to do this in our Installation Guide.

      You have are required to select a main IP address and a hostname for the new server during installation. This can be done using Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface in WHM (WHM > Home > Server Configuration > Basic WebHost Manager Setup). The DNS zone files of the revived accounts are configured by the system using these settings.

  3. Migrating your files
    1. After a new cPanel and WHM account has been created, migrate your previous account’s directories and files to the corresponding directories and files of your new account.
  4. Completion of Migration and updating DNS
    1. After your content has been migrated to the new cPanel and WHM server, run these steps:
      1. Ensure that each of your credentials and content have been properly migrated. Confirm that they are functioning properly in the new environment.
      2. The new nameservers on your cPanel and WHM server must be similar to the nameserver of your domain. Update them accordingly.



Migration of your accounts in cPanel and WHM can therefore be successfully performed using these four simple steps.