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Steps to Disable Network Manager

Posted by Allura on 16 07 2018.

Introduction To Disabling Network Manager

The Network Manager service self-operates the network settings and often disrupts connection to the IP addresses residing in the ipaliases module. So, it is justified to disable the Network Manager service to prevent such outages .

It should be kept in mind that:

  • Network Manager service is not supported by cPanel, Inc.
  • Extreme caution should be exercised after disabling the Network Manager. Failing to disable Network Manager correctly will make the server lose its network services.

Steps To Disable Network Manager Service

Before penning down the steps, it is important to note down that these steps should be performed from the server’s console, which will prevent any disruption or disturbance to network connectivity.

The ways, therefore, are as follows:


We can disable Network Manager service using the following commands:

  • Disable NetworkManager on CentOS 6, CloudLinux 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL), or Amazon Linux…

Service NetworkManager stop

Chkconfig NetworkManager off

  • Disable NetworkManager on CentOS 7, CloudLinux 7, or RHEL 7…

systemctl stop NetworkManager.service

systemctl disable NetworkManager.service

By these two commands, we would be able to stop the Network Manager service.


Another way to disable the Network Manager service is by changing it to the /etc/sysconfig/network- scripts directory.


We need to open the ifcfg-ethO andifcfg-lo files with our preferred text editor and fortunately if it exists, then we need to set the keys’ values given below:



Before proceeding to the next step, we need to note that if either of the keys mentioned above does not exist in our ifcfg-ethO andifcfg-lo files, then we must not add it. Instead of working on this step we can simply proceed on to step 4.


The last step instructs us to run the following commands to restart the network:

  • Restart the network on CentOS 6, CloudLinux 6, RHEL 6, or Amazon Linux…

chkconfig network on

service network start

  • Restart the network on CentOS 7, CloudLinux 7, or RHEL 7…

systemctl enable network.service

systemctl start network.service


With the above mentioned four steps, we can stop the disturbances created by Network Manager service. Step 3, however, is optional depending upon the availability of the keys mentioned before.