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Statistics Software Configuration

Posted by Allura on 06 07 2018.

What is the User Permission

This part of the interface provides the user to specify which cPanel users can modify their statistics software.


Change of Web Statistics Generating Software

In order to allow all of  cPanel users to modify their statistics software, an user shall select the Allow all users option to change their web statistics generating software checkbox and click Save.


Steps About How to choose Users

To select specific cPanel users who can modify their statistics software, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Choose Users. A new interface will appear.
  2. Make Configuration to the Allowed Users
    • To allow a user to select which software to use, select the account name from the Available Users menu and click Add, or click Add Allto add all users to the Allowed Users
    • In order to remove any account holder, select the user in the Allowed Usersmenu and click Remove, or click Remove All to remove all users from the Allowed Users
  3. WHM automatically saves each change that you make to the Allowed Users After you make your changes, click Go Back.

How to Choose Specific Stats Program

When an user wants to choose a cPanel user’s specific statistics generators, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Choose Users. A new interface will appear.
  2. Enter the user’s name in the Choose Specific Stats Programs Select the checkbox next to each generator that you wish to make available to the user.
  3. Click Save.


A Brief Summary of the Schedule

This part of the interface displays the estimated update schedule for each statistics software.

Configuration of the Schedule

This part of the interface allows you to use the following settings to determine how often WHM processes the statistics on your server:

  • Frequency  Processing in respect of log — Enter the number of hours after which WHM processes log files for your server.
  • Bandwidth Processing Frequency — Enter the number of hours after which WHM processes bandwidth statistics for your server.

Configuration of Statistics Process Time Schedule

  1. Click Configure Statistic Process Time Schedule.
  2. In the new interface that appears, select the hours in which your server will notperform log analysis.
  3. To ensure that backups and log analysis do notoccur simultaneously, select the Prevent cpanellogd (Log Processing) and cpbackup (Backups) from running at the same time
  4. Click Save.



The article attempts at providing an elaborate idea of Statistics Software Configuration and how to use it to update user permissions.