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The SSH Log In Credentials via the Command Line: What You Need to Know

Posted by Alex on 20 01 2017.

There are many different ways you can access your cPanel & WHM as well as your Webmail accounts. For cPanel & WHM, you can input four different types of service URLs (with varying codes depending on which service you would like to access), via the cPanel & WHM account, opt for the external authentication process, or go for the two factor authentication procedure. For Webmail, you can directly access it, use your account, use the external authentication process or access it via your cPanel interface.

Last, but not the least, is through the use of SSH to gain access to your accounts via the command line.

A Brief Overview on SSH (Secure Shell)

SSH, which stands for Secure Socket Shell, is a type of network protocol allowing administrators to securely and safely access a remote device, such as a computer. It also refers to extensive list of utilities and features the protocol implements. SSH delivers powerful and secure data communications and authentication between two devices attempting to connect through an unsecure network, like the Internet.

Widely used by many network administrators, SSH makes it easier for admins to manage their apps and systems remotely, enabling them to use another computer for logging in remotely, moving files from one device to another, and running commands.

Almost all operating systems, including Linux, have SSH included in them by default. Microsoft Windows is an exception. By default, SSH servers follows the standard TCP port 22. It also utilizes public-key cryptography for authentication processes for the remote device and allow it to provide secure user authentication.

Using SSH to Gain Access to Your cPanel Account, WHM, or Webmail Accounts.

When you want to use SSH to gain access to any of your cPanel-related accounts, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Run the CLI application you want to use.
  2. Execute the command: “ssh user@hostname” (without the quotation marks). The “user” part of the command pertains to the username you use on your server, while the part hostname represents the IP address or hostname of the server.
  3. Key in your password.
  4. On your keyboard, press the Enter key.

What directory you can access right away after completely logging in depends on the configuration of your system as well as the types of permissions you have on the server.

To confirm which user you have used to log in on your account via SSH, you can smply execute the command: “whoami” (do not include the quotation marks) Once you press the enter key, you will receive the data regarding the user.

Why Log In via SSH?

There are plenty of good reasons to use SSH to log in to your cPanel, WHM, or Webmail accounts. First and foremost is the much safer, more secure log in process. It also allows you to move more freely throughout the structure of your hosting account file. SSH also enables you to conduct tasks including live logfile monitoring, opening services, and closing them.

And while you do have plenty of other options to log in to your accounts, you should still try this method.