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9/4/2011 – SolusVM and cPanel

Posted by admin on 04 09 2011.

cPanel is perhaps the most well-known and reputable web host application in use today. Its ease of use and reliability make it the web host choice for managing their servers and client accounts. However, as with any venture, eventually there will be competition. Competition is good for business as it stimulates innovation and business models. Before we examine one of cPanel’s competitors, we will begin our discussion with an overview of the industry leader, cPanel.


What is cPanel?


cPanel is a web host application that enables web hosts and their clients to manage their servers and accounts with minimum effort. The cPanel graphical interface makes server management as easy as point-and-click. Further, the folks at cPanel designed their software as an easy to install solution as well. The ease of use does not signify mean the software is not feature rich. On the contrary, as cPanel is ready to use out-of-the-box and is designed to be powerful, reliable, and secure. Its extensible architecture extends its functionality and permits it to work effortlessly with third-party applications through its API interface.


Just a few of cPanel’s many features are listed here:


• Create email accounts
• Full-site backups as well as data restoration
• Bandwidth protection through blocking hotlinking and IP blocking
• Full-featured statistics
• The ability to review error logs
• Account level filtering
• Email authentication
• FTP setup
• Hotlink protection
• Database access
• Cron job setup
• Help files and video tutorials
• The ability to install third-party software to run blogs, shopping carts, forums, etc.


cPanel installs with Web Host Manager (WHM), which enables administrators and resellers easy access to server tools and functions. These tools allows web hosts to setup accounts, set up and receive alerts to system problems, create and apply hosting plans, brand cPanels, and so much more.


What is SolusVM?


SolusVM is a relative newcomer to the web hosting industry. While researching for this article, we discovered that the feature’s page on the developer’s website was blank, with the exception of several green check marks. There was a notation on the page footer that “Feature list will be available shortly.” However, after a few more Internet searches, we were able to locate a few details about the software so we could present them to you.


SolusVM is a VPS management system for Linux-based servers. Some of its features include:


• Backups
• Multiple server management capability
• Reload or reinstall your VPS
• Reboot and shutdown
• Reverse DNS management
• The capability to change your root password
• Change the Hostnames on the server
• Realtime resource monitoring
• Access logs
• Statistics
• Change personal details
• Email notification setup


On the surface, it appears that SolusVM offers similar features to cPanel. However, without having full access to the developer’s features list, we are unable to provide a full feature comparison at this time.


The web hosting industry continues to evolve and both web hosts and developers alike must remain current with the industry trends in order to remain competitive. Since cPanel is the industry leader of web host applications, and is the market leader of cPanel’s authorized distributors, the competition is working overtime to catch-up.


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