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Softaculous Vs. Fantastico Vs. Installatron

Posted by Allura on 26 12 2017.

Auto-installers save you loads of time by automating installations that would otherwise take a bit longer. We decided to take a closer look at three of the market leaders, Installatron, Fantastico and Softaculous, and how their top features can benefit your business.



An easy to use and reliable auto installer, Installatron boasts seamless cPanel integration. One-click installs as well as restores and backups make it a firm favorite. Installatron also enables you to clone any application you’ve installed, schedule backups and automate backups.

Your WHM can be configured so that installations come pre-installed and custom branded. It is compatible with most server configurations and the majority of VPS platforms.

With Installatron tasks are executed as background processes so you can get on with other things while Installatron gets on with the job. And, when it’s done you will receive an email updating you of the progress.

Installatron also offers a multi-select option so that series-based backups or upgrades can be grouped and managed as one process.

Full documentation and support are available to users at no additional cost.



Claiming more than a million global users and more than 10 000 installations, Fantastico allows you to auto install open source and proprietary software in your cPanel.

Instant installation gives you access to forums, blogs, shopping carts, galleries and CMSes.

Instant updates are available as soon as script updates are made available by the developer. Scripts can be installed in add-on or parked domains or within your root directory.

Some of the highlights include

  • Cloning
  • CLI Installer
  • Multi lingual interface and theme support.



Softaculous offers its users more than 400 apps and the platform adds new scripts all the time. It’s the go-to auto installer for users that want to be a step ahead and in line with the latest technology, offering the biggest variety of scripts.

Softaculous allows you to import apps that have been manually installed, as well as import apps from other auto installers. You can also manage backups and restores and updates efficiently.

Instant installations, a reseller control panel and multilingual apps make Softaculous one of the leading auto installers on the market. Loads of positive reviews and demos, and an easy-to-use interface make it an essential tool.


How To Synchronize Softaculous With Other Auto Installers

If you’d like to synchronize Softaculous with other auto installers you may be running, click on the Softaculous icon in the top right hand corner. This will open a page that reveals your installed software programs. You can select individual software pieces or “check all” to indicate which you want to synchronize.