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6/18/2011 – Softaculous and cPanel

Posted by admin on 18 06 2011.

If you operate a web-hosting business, or maintain your own dedicated server, then you may already be familiar with cPanel. However, for those of you who may be new to the web-hosting business, here is a brief overview of cPanel. We will then delve into the fascinating, and relatively new auto installer called Softaculous.


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cPanel is perhaps one of the most popular server-side interfaces that allow the client easy access to many of their site’s functions. This ease of use is very beneficial for clients who are new to managing their own website.cPanel’s ease of use also allows clients who are more experienced with web hosting to accomplish more tasks in less time.

In order to use cPanel, you will need a license. You can obtain this through your favorite web-hosting vendor.You will then have the use of software that has been tried and tested, and is the preferred choice on most web-hosting packages and dedicated servers. Listed here are a few of the benefits and features of what you get when you acquire a cPanel license:

1  Simplicity — cPanels are very easy to navigate, deployed with video tutorials, and online help that allowevery user access to information at the click of a mouse.

2  Friendly — While the cPanel interface is itself user-friendly, developers find that the ease of installation of programming packages such as PHP, Perl, and Pear, to be very quick and efficient.

3  Reliability — One of the features that setcPanel apart from many other web-hosting interfaces is the fact that it is almost self-supporting. cPanel monitors itself. If it detects a problem or a failure with any of the services, it will attempt to restart the service. If the restart fails, cPanel is setup to notify the client.

4  Security — cPanel is on the cutting-edge of technology and includes many security features built-in. These features include rootkit and virus protection.

5  Extensibility – For clients who need to add automated functions to cPanel, that is no problem. Contact customer support for instructions on how to access the API.

6  Updatability — cPanel is capable of automatic updates, which keeps your server up-to-date on the latest security fixes.

7  Support — Given the widespread usage of the cPanel software, obtaining support when you need it is important. Support for cPanel is available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week.

8  Mobile Accessibility — For those of us who are unable to remain at our desks, the need to have access to our accounts is a concern. If you have a smartphone, you can have access to your cPanel wherever you are.



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Many of us who have been a part of the web-hosting community for a while are familiar with the installation of applications to our servers that allow us to accomplish many tasks. Most of us have used an auto installer called Fantastico to add these applications. Although it is a relative newcomer to the web-hosting environment, Softaculous has steadily made its presence known, and has offered an alternative to those who have felt that Fantastico has a few shortcomings. There will be more on Fantastico in another article, for now let us focus on Softaculous.

As you may have garnered from the above paragraph, Softaculous is an auto installer script designed for use with cPanel and other server interface software. It allows the client to install a number of scripts that will be ready to use. Some of the more popular scripts that Softaculous can install are WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and a great many more.Of course, many of us who provide cPanel for our clients and those who operate our own dedicated servers may be asking just how Softaculous can benefit us.

Softaculous is easy to install and is available in two different versions, Free and Premium. What is the difference between the two other than cost? That is very simple to ascertain. The Free version provides easy access to about 60 scripts.If you choose to purchase a license to the Softaculous Premium version,you will have access to about 200 scripts. Do you see the difference? It is easy to see that when you choose to buy the license for Softaculous Premium that you have increased opportunities to satisfy your clients.

Since we all have different server requirements, it is near to impossible to satisfy every need. However, the licensed Softaculous Premium version is nearer to that goal than some similar products on the market.



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