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Skeleton Directory in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 07 05 2018.

What is Skeleton Directory and what it is used for?

The skeleton directory feature is one of the commonly overlooked feature on Linux servers. This feature overlooked by hosting providers.  The skeleton directory feature helps you to configure a traditional file set automatically by coping those set into a new user account. This is specifically useful to customize the basic pages for new customer websites. Or in other words Skeleton Directory is a room to put a temporary home page by a hosting reseller for all the newly created web hosting user accounts in the WHM panel. The skeleton folder will be in /etc/skel, on an ordinary Linux server but on cPanel servers, the directory files can be found in “cpanel3-skel” within the home directory of the user.


How can you use Skeleton Directory?

If you are a new web hosting provider or starting up your own reseller web hosting business then just go through the following step:-

  • Login into your WHM account by using the ID password delivered to you by your web hosting provider.
  • On the home page of your WHM account, select the Account Functions link. On selecting the link the page will be refreshed and will display all the functions that are available for you under the Account Functions option.
  • Select the Skeleton Directory link for entering the directory. At this place you will have to put a web page which will be temporary for the newly created web hosting accounts. The temporary web page will become the default homepage and will be shown in the browser of a visitor, unless you upload a new homepage to the hosting account.
  • To change the temporary homepage, use the FTP program or the File Manager in order to upload a new homepage into your main account of cPanel.


Now, it is known to you that what is a skeleton directory and what is it used for and how can you use this feature. So if you are starting up your own web hosting reseller business or simply hosting a reseller then just upload an attired temporary homepage into the skeleton directory with the help of FTP or file manager. This will make easy hosting for you as you do not have to configure a new homepage every time you add o new user account.