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How to Set Up Your Own Professional Email Account

Posted by Allen on 16 05 2017.

Everyone knows the importance of having a good domain name for a website. It gives a unique identity to a website.  Think of it as like your business card. With a good domain name, you are giving a good impression to people who visit your site.

A good domain name is also important for your email address.  People will have an easier time remembering your email address. It can also give a good impression about you and your business.

If you own a domain name and web hosting, you can create a professional email address for your business. You can also create forwarding accounts and auto responders.

Top Reasons to Create a Professional Email Address

One of the main reasons why you should set up a professional email address is that it can establish a good reputation for your firm. It gives the public the impression that you have an established and professional company.

Using generic email providers like Gmail may project inexperience and even raise doubts on the authenticity of your firm. But when you use your own professional email account or address, your market would feel that you are a solid and reputable professional or firm.

Having a professional email can also build credibility and trust. Many people would be uncomfortable to email their personal details to an email address like  But they are more likely to trust an email address with a professional-sounding name such as, for example.

Professional emails can also be a way to promote brand awareness. Every time you send out an email, you are effectively promoting your business. When you send out an email on Gmail, you are only advertising Google’s mail service, and not your firm.

Finally, creating your own professional email is easy and cheap especially if your website is hosted on a cPanel server.

How to set up your own professional email on a cPanel/WHM

To create your own professional email on cPanel/WHM version 62, go to Home then click Email and then Email Accounts.

To add an email address, simply enter the email address in the Email text box. In case you have more than one domain, make sure that you select the right domain from the menu.

Enter your password in the appropriate text box, then enter it again in the succeeding text box to confirm. cPanel/WHM will grade your password on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 the weakest password and 100 the most secure.

If you can’t think of a strong password, you can use the Password Generator.

Then enter your desired quota in the Mailbox Quota text box. This will set the amount of disk space that your account will use in email storage.

Click Create Account, and you now have your own professional email address!

You can also set up email client so you can access your email account from a third-party app like Apple Mail or Outlook Express.

Given how easy it is to create a professional email on a cPanel server, as well as the numerous benefits of having a professional email, it really doesn’t make sense if you don’t use this feature at all.