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6/18/2011 – RVSkins and cPanel

Posted by admin on 18 06 2011.

If you offer web hosting as a service, you may be looking for a way to set your service apart from many others. While there are, many ways in which to do this, why not consider a product that will give your clients something different. RVSkins provide such a product.


[toggle title=”What is RVSkins?”]RVSkins is a server side product that allows your web clients to choose how their cPanel appears when they log in. They offer up to nine different themes that turn the cPanel into a cosmetically appealing design. Since the onscreen display is more pleasing, your clients will feel more comfortable while they work.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”What features does RVSkins have?”]

Appearance is not the only feature of RVSkins. RVSkins allows you to brand each theme before making them available to your users. Once your clients associate the good service they receive with your brand name that should greatly assist in your long-term marketing objectives.

RVSkins is also a feature rich interface that seamlessly integrates with cPanel. A few of the many features that are included with RVSkins are:

a)     Language selection — The language in RVSkins will set automatically after setting the default language within the cPanel or WHM.

b)     Message editor — Allows you or a reseller to leave custom messages for clients.

c)      Layers for both administrators and clients — There are different screen views depending on whether you are logged in as the administrator, or as the client.

d)     Package, account, user, and webmail managers — Managing packages is easy and can be set up as a group or for individual accounts.

e)     Default features — Setup the default features that you want for individual packages.

f)       Easy navigation–Links to individual and group features is via an easy interface.

g)     News and contact alerts — Alerting your clients to system maintenance and other information you need to communicate to them is easily set up within your WHM.

h)     Disk and bandwidth usage notification.

i)       Automatic updates — RVSkins can be set up to update automatically, or to notify you when updates are available.

j)       Integration with your server’s virus and spam protections — Listed within the Email Management Tools interface, you can select for RVSkins to work with your current virus and spam setup.

k)     And many, many more



[toggle title=”Is RVSkins easy to install?”]

Once you have purchased an RVSkins license, installation at your server is simple. The same procedures apply whether you have a web host or a dedicated server. It may be worth noting that the only way you can install RVSkins is if you have SSH as root access. This note may help to eliminate any possible confusion for anyone reading this who does have SSH access, but only at the cPanel level. There is a difference.

Before you begin installation, you will need to be logged into your server SSH at the root level. You will then have to enter a line of code that will be given to you when you purchase your RVSkins license. The product will then download from the vendor’s server to yours and the installation will take a short amount of time to complete. There is plenty of help available if the installation does not complete properly. A similar procedure will be followed for integrating RVSkins with cPanel.

Most of us who have used web hosting are already familiar with both RVSkins and cPanel. The application is easy to use; integrates perfectly with cPanel; is feature rich; and is easy to install.

I must also remind everyone that before you can use either RVSkins or cPanel, you need to purchase a license. These two products are both affordable and worth the price.



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